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  1. Sorry your right its not, I was more meaning in terms of a new container, the existing image can be pushed out as new pro version just by changing the download link in the script.
  2. All we need is for the gfjardim docker to have the crashplan download link in github updated to point to the new crashplan for small business download. I've done a copy of the git repo and made the changes, pushed to a private hub for testing but didn't get as far as running... Docker hub built it fine so as long as the pro app installs in the same manner creating a new image should be as simple as the above. Edit: Shutdown my main crashplan docker to boot mine up with host access, went in to noVNC access which showed a new crashplan pro home login screen; didn't have to upgrade f
  3. From what I've seen, backblaze personal is the best value in terms of cheap unlimited storage but it has limited versioning as noted earlier, and its also only available on Windows or Mac (probably to stop the installation on NAS'). I'll be transferring to Crashplan for small businesses as I don't mind the extra cost for the peace of mind and I've got less than 5TB so migrating isn't an issue.
  4. @mbc0That refers to the personal backup solution which is not B2, B2 is a seperate service: just make sure cloudberry is connecting to the right service!
  5. How much is 14TB going to cost you? I understood that B2 storage was still priced by the GB and entering that value in is $820NZD a year; far more than crashplan pro?
  6. Hi, I currently use Diskstation Manager (DSM) 5.2 from Synology on my Xeon 1366 system by using a custom loader. I won't go in to details of how as that would be inappropriate for this forum. At any rate, the 'hack' is obviously unsupported and could be stopped at any time or the developers of the 'hack' could abandon it. As a result, I am looking in to other technologies. To give some definition around my use, I will provide the current system: Xeon Westmere 5630 40w lga1366 CPU Supermicro X8DTE-F 2 x LSI 9211-8is 16GB DDR3 rdimms 3 x 4in3 Rosewill hotswap sata3 bays Rosewill
  7. Yup. The issue has been formally recognised by the xenserver team and is still an internal ticket with Citrix to fix. I'm not sure of the timeframe for fixing as they won't release that information, but it probably will be fixed in time for Xenserver Dundee, which will be the next version beyond credence.
  8. I was posted in by myself and another person... Citrix confirmed it and took it inside to resolve. Next goal is to get the XenAPI team to pick up all pci devices and not just GPUs so that Xen-Orchestra (web based interface that is open source) can then assign pci devices to vms without needing all the cli work!
  9. Either way will cause the same trouble. There is an issue with Xenserver 6.5 and GPU passthrough which is now in an internal Citrix bug fix, happens on any passed through GPU (HCL or not). They're aware of it and will be fixing it... Not sure when their release date is yet for none licensee's, just watch for updates. If you want GPU in the meantime, you'll have to drop back to 6.2 and use the normal pciback commands in the extlinux.conf file.
  10. No problem, glad its sorted. Xenserver 6.54 is a real step up from 6.2 and the pci passthrough component is a god send. Just waiting on Xen-Orchestra (Open Source web based management) to add passthrough commands to its interface to make it easier.
  11. ah right, you don't need to do that any more... Creedence allows you to simply pass the code (0000:00.1d.0) directly to the VM using the xe command e.g. xe vm-param-set other-config:pci=0/0000:00:1d.0 uuid=<UUID of VM> Do this directly from the command line as PCIback is no longer needed in Xenserver 6.5 and this will pass the device through the VM. The VM must be off for this, but xenserver does not require a reboot now to force a device on the pciback list.
  12. That's interesting as I have a VM right now on XS6.5 with a Radeon 6450 passed through connected to my TV as an HTPC, did you upgrade from 6.2 to 6.5 as mine was a straight install from scratch as it was a new server...
  13. How much power is this system consuming? I'm tempted by xeons of that era but I did here they pull a lot and that the power costs may outweigh the eventual price of the new ivybridge or sandy bridge xeons, especially in nz with our power charges.
  14. Cheers Guys, It appears that this motherboard is picky about the RAM it can use. I've got some more stuff on order to see if that works.
  15. Hi Hoping someone might be able to assist. I've just taken possession of an X7SPA-HF (Not the D525 version) to try some stuff but I can't get it to work. It's the mITX form factor and I've set the jumpers up as per the manual for internal VGA, IMPI etc. I plug in power and it boots up and the lan links are flashing but there is no output from the VGA and while the router picks up the max address of the IPMI, no IP address is ever granted. At the moment, I can't get access to the BIOS as there is no vga output and I can't access the IPMI aspects either. The memory is just some apacer