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  1. Binhex Sonarr/Radarr along with the unify video, UNMS, and Unify controller were all present.
  2. VM's stable after 1 week. The corrupted dockers which all ran without issue were the problem. Dockers were deleted and everything started working as expected.
  3. @jonp I will do, I've successfully had 3 vm's running for 2 days now. Before deleting those dockers i would be lucky to get 2 hours out of them. After a week i will consider this resolved. For now im putting this down to corrupted docker config causing pain, perhaps locking resources causing kvm to kill VM's
  4. I had a similar issue. It looks that some dockers were causing a headache for me. If you want to give it a try, I'd recommend deleting all your docker and associated configs then trying to run your VM's and see how it goes. Be sure to make any necessary config backups of your docker, before you delete them and their configs.
  5. @jonp - I will do that and report back. However I think i might have fixed the issue, there were some dockers which were working fine but for some reason could not be updated. (I relalise my issue was with VM's). I ditch all dockers and deleted the docker configs and the VM's have all been stable. I did notice the dockers were using an unusual amount of CPU which lead me to trash all of them, perhaps the config of the dockers was corrupted.
  6. @John_M New diags with log files populated. Please let me know if you need anything else.
  7. @John_M that's weird, i will do that and post back. Thanks.
  8. Im exactly the same, my unraid box was fine running multiple VM's for months, the i upgraded now no VM's work longer than 24hrs.
  9. I've since updated back to 6.7 RC5 trying to fix this no avail. I have attempted the following - deleted /mnt/user/system/libvirt/libvirt.img and let it be recreated, no resolution - Increase the size of /mnt/user/system/libvirt/libvirt.img to 2gb from 1gb - created VM xmls - full power cycled my system Again this morning woke up, VM had crashed again libvirt log 2019-03-04 13:00:00.362+0000: 6701: info : libvirt version: 4.10.0 2019-03-04 13:00:00.362+0000: 6701: info : hostname: mrblack 2019-03-04 13:00:00.362+0000: 6701: warni
  10. Hello all, I am hoping someone might be able to assist. I recently upgraded to the latest RC5 and noticed weirdness on my unraid box so i decided to downgrade back to the latest stable release 6.6.7 to fix the issue. However my problem is that my vm's are all still crashing. Until i did the upgrade everything was running perfect no issue for 60+ days humming along nicely and now i cannot even get 60min out of it before my VM's crash, This is the log in libvert, tho i dont specifically know what it means. 2019-03-02 10:30:03.592+0000: 6591: info :
  11. Oh my this would be insanely annoying to me if this were implemented.. But who put's their unraid box on open internetz haha seems like a rookie error to me. Spin up a jump box and ssh to that or as someone else said use VPN.
  12. Changed Status to Solved
  13. Classic case of not RTFM 🙂 - Fixed
  14. I ran the upgrade and my unraid box boots with the following error and results in failed web gui loading pic attached. Loading in safe mode all VM's and dockers load fine without issue as i would exprect. I guess i have some legacy plugin (I've been with unraid for many years) which is breaking things for me but not sure what or what to do to fix. I have added my plugins directory from /boot/config/plugins
  15. Gee wizz people are creative. My attempt would have been along the line of the OP, but i would have forgotten to use colour. Great work to all the submitters you are really skillful.