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  1. Apparently there is an issue with the JDK. "2021-04-05 09:38:13,987 DEBG 'start' stdout output: ERROR: Cannot start PyCharm No JDK found. Please validate either PYCHARM_JDK, JDK_HOME or JAVA_HOME environment variable points to valid JDK installation."
  2. OK.... that makes sense.... now I need to figure out what corrupted file systems on two disks.
  3. I have a 16 drive array and dual parity. I'm having trouble with drives 9 and 11. They failed and I replaced and let them rebuild. They are showing unmountable. I've attached diagnostics in case anyones smarter than me can add any suggestions. Note: Drive 11 is showing not installed but that's because I pulled it out of the array when I took this diagnostic snapshot. It's trying to rebuild now . nasvm-diagnostics-20201201-2229.zip
  4. Unfortunately, even though there are a ton of configs, zoneminder.subdomain.conf is not there. I'll try and find it online. EDIT: Oddly enough.... I cannot seem to find a location with zoneminder.subdomain.conf anywhere.... .wonder if it was removed for some reason. Even reinstalled the letsencrypt docker and that config is not present in the list at all.
  5. Yes.... I resolved the certificate error by copying the certs from my nginx/letsencrypt docker to my zoneminder keys.... so now i get a untrusted cert error instead of a root revocation error. This lets me get into zoneminder. Now all I need is a properly configured subdomain reverse proxy configuration to have everything working correctly. Anyone have soem examples? ie: https://zoneminder.mydomain.com vs https://myserver.mydomain.com/zm ?
  6. Chrome is throwing NET::ERR_CERT_REVOKED error when trying to access the zoneminder url.
  7. I have the same issue and localhost is present in the ServerName file. I cannot get past it to even get going.
  8. I'm having issues with intermittent lockups and I cannot seem to isolate where they are coming from. I've attached my diags in the event someone may see something I am missing. Any ideas are appreciated. nasvm-diagnostics-20180906-1836.zip
  9. Trust me... that I know..... The critical stuff goes to an external drive as well but thats much less than the 78 TB I have
  10. Yes.... it seems i have a bunch of files in Lost and Found on drive 15 but hopefully nothing too important that I cannot recover. Thanks for the help. Hopefully I have enough redundancy now for a bit. I have to watch these older drives more carefully and swap them before they puke. I have 94TB online right now. It's painful when things go wrong.
  11. Done. Disk 15 was the only one that seem to have a lot of issues. Diags attached nasvm-diagnostics-20180108-0911.zip
  12. OK... well I rebuilt drive 15. By then my 2 new 8TB drive arrived so I replaced the bad drive 11 and added a second parity drive...... then rebuilt those. Now the array is all in sync but I fear I have corruption. I cannot add change or remove shares. My appadata share give an I/O error when trying to add or change anything. Diagnostics attached. I'm not sure what my viable options are at this point. Drive 11 and possibly drive 15 are corrupted I'm guessing. nasvm-diagnostics-20180107-1959.zip
  13. OK I was able to re-enable the disk in the JBOD controller and I disabled SMART monitoring for now. I disabled docker and VM support in UNRAID. All the drives are online again and I'm rebuilding drive 15. It will take awhile but by tomorrow my two new 8TB drives should arrive. One for replacing drive 11 and second parity drive to reduce the chances of this happening again. I love UNRAID but when things go wrong it's nerve wracking. I should have looked a little deeper instead of panicking, I could have done this yesterday. 2% so far..... 17 hours to go. Thanks for the guidance.
  14. Swapped drive 11 with drive 2. Diags attached. Interesting that the system sees it now. nasvm-diagnostics-20180105-1043.zip