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  1. In br0 though, are whatever ports the docker is using automatically exposed over the network. Or do they need to be configured to allow communication over those ports like you would a firewall.
  2. While adding the unifi docker I deleted ports 80 and 8080 which was Host ports 3 and 4 due to potential conflicts, after I switched the network from host to br0, I tried to re add the deleted port mappings but it seems that they still don't work. I have the docker configured and working using one of the other ports so no real need for me to delete and re-add the docker which I'm sure would fix my issue.
  3. Within plex it's possible to set a buffer ahead limit for the transcode by time. And you can also set the max number of transcodes. I am using a plex pass and installing the beta versions though. Sent from my LG-H870 using Tapatalk
  4. Tiny issue after clicking on reboot, when the server comes back up it shows the array as not being started but clicking the refresh button shows that everything is working just fine
  5. I also seem to get an unclean shutdown claim when my server shuts down. Triggered by apcupsd. When my server comes back up it does not do a parity check so i can assume the shutdown was done properly. Sent from my LG-H870 using Tapatalk
  6. I am also having this issue on my intel dh77eb with an i5-3330 cpu. All 4 cores are greyed out. Only additional thing i have is a usb controller which shows up under "other pci devices" and my ups under "usb devices". I have tried using chrome and ie. Cache was cleared on ie. Sent from my LG-H870 using Tapatalk
  7. I have had an issue with a windows pc where everytime you shut it down it starts back up. It seems the psu was the issue as after i had changed it to a decent one the problem had gone away. Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  8. Ha - I have that problem all the time here in Philippines. Even the school 'English' text books teach 'merican slang. An example I use often: How do you tell an Englishman from an American? Answer - you tell them to walk in the middle of the pavement. The 'merican gets knocked down by the cars on the road while the Englishman, sensibly, walks on the footpath beside the road. Im from South Africa and to me that would make more sense if you said "pavementS".
  9. Hi In version 6.1.2 autofan cannot be started by using the enable and disable button, it only stops and will not start back up again. Any ideas on how to fix this. In the syslog it would normally shows it stopping then starting again when a value is changed but now it just stops only and show not running in its settings tab. After a reboot it starts again though. Thanks Deon
  10. I seem to be getting the following error at exactly 1 min intervals in my syslog, and since autofan is set is run at 1 min intervals i assume it to be the culprit. "Aug 30 22:37:01 Tower kernel: FAT-fs (sdm1): FAT read failed (blocknr 2224)" The only fat formatted drive i have is my os usb which is currently sda, and my drives go from sda till sdl, how would I trace the cause of this error. Any help would be appreciated. By the way I am on unraid 6.0.1 Thanks Deon
  11. I seem to have an issue of unraid freezing on reboot of a windows 7 vm after i have loaded the graphics drivers. Its probably due to me running the graphics card in a modified pciex1 slot but i'm hoping its not. I have tried with both a gt210 and a gt430. I am passing through the graphics card for audio as well. Machine is i440fx2.3 with seabios. I did check the iommu groups and it seems that my graphics card is in a group by itself, both audio and video.Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Can a usb3.0 to hdmi converter be used to to output video from a vm, the vm in question is windows 10 preview, the usb adapter is the j5 create jua375, i have it plugged into an onboard usb 3 port of which the controller is passed through to the vm. I can see the device in device manager and the drivers are loaded but windows does not see another display attached. I have vt-d enabled but do not have a spare 16x slot available for a graphics card.