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  1. Thanks. I managed to get it working without needing the binding in the end. Seems it does not work unless the db is already created. IIRC the database is created on first scan so I cut corners and ran a library scan from one of my xbmc clients just to get something into the db. I then stopped my array and did a full reboot of unRAID (not sure if this was needed) and it sprang into life. I could pass the tests from NZBdrone and cp fine with a password set but they were not adding any new content to library. I think this is a permissions issue so I made the shares public and it works a treat. In respect of the metadata, I just have CP and drone generate this and rename the files. I am not too happy about my shares being wide open so I am going to have a play with sources.xml this weekend with smb passwords set for each share http://kodi.wiki/view/Sources.xml/Types#HTTP_.28Hypertext_Transfer_Protocol_.29_Client to see if I can lock it down a little and report back the outcome here. The xbmc password in the advancedsettings.xml is just for access to the xbmc-server webgui and API I think and is what CP & NZBDRone uses.
  2. I hope someone can help that has got this running successfully. I realise this is an old thread but seems the issues were similar but pre-dockermanager. I am running v6Beta10a on a HP N54L rig and have finally got all my dockers running perfectly with the exception of xbmc-server. My end game is to build a headless and fully automated home media server/NAS serving multiple static xbmc's around the house and plex on tablets/ipads/mobiles so I can shutdown my power hungry desktop for good. I need a shared db with state information but not too bothered about plex/xbmc keeping seperate libraries. I am a linux noob but getting by ok now that I have got my head around how file mounting works in Linux and it seems like I am only a stones throw away from my end goal but still struggling with the final piece which is the headless xbmc-server. I have installed wernerbs unsupported docker on default settings but I cannot get CP and NZBDrone to talk to it and I cannot access the gui either (and do I even need to?). A netstat from an SSH shows the server is listening on tcp 8089 and I have tried testing with and without a password in the "advancedsettings.xml" file but with no joy. Nothing in the xbmc logs and only timeouts in CP/NZBD. I suspect this is the BIND issue (see below)but have no idea how to apply the fix when using gfjardims excellent dockermanager (which is what swung me in favour of unRAID over Freenas btw). I suspect I need to put it something in the xml template in dockermanager, can someone please advise how I do this? "Advanced: If you have problems reaching the web-server then xbmc is binding to the wrong address. Try adding the following after --privileged: -e BIND_ADDR=ipaddress -e LD_PRELOAD=/opt/xbmc-server/bind.so" Also, how and where do I setup the xbmc-server to scan my library/shares to populate the mariaDB?
  3. I'm having the same hanging problem with SickRage docker. Zydy, I note you got this working yesterday in your post over on the SickRaid forum. Can you elaborate what you did to fix it?