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  1. I updated the container to the latest version today. I didn't realize I could change the php version in the template until you replied with that! It was set to 7.2, I changed it to 7.4 but I'm getting the same error.
  2. After installing 10.6 I'm getting an error when trying to upload from the web browser. Uploads from the Android app work just fine. "You don't have permission to upload or create files here" I've used these instructions to update a dozen times. I've tried manually changing some permissions, but OC just changes them right back during the next boot. The permissions changes didn't work anyway! haha. Any ideas of things I could try?
  3. I must be an idiot too, cause I can't figure out why I'm getting the error. What'd you do to fix it?
  4. I went into the config folder and edited the config.php. Changed the version manually, then updated first thing once I got in successfully. I'm having the same issue. Kind of a bummer. Maybe this will be my excuse to migrate to Nextcloud In my case, I am sure part of the issue is that I was updating Owncloud from within its own web UI, and when the Docker updated within unRAID it didn't pull in the latest version of Owncloud, which I guess I would have expected (my updates had taken me to I had some other issues I was able to fix from the docker command line a
  5. Okay, can I just change the case in Windows to correct it?
  6. No change on the second time through. Pics attached.
  7. I went in one folder deeper and found a few more files/folders, but nowhere near all of them. I'm running New Permissions again to see if it just missed some for some reason. Once that's finished, I'll post the screens. Thanks!
  8. New permissions just finished. Nothing has changed. Anything else I can do?
  9. Okay, yeah, I can see the content through the web ui, but not in Windows. I have attached the diag zip. Thanks!