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  1. Quick question in regards to accessing unraid through the opnevpn docker. I have it all setup through the bridged mode. I can connect with my iphone. I have no access to unraid, I can access everything else with in my network such as other pc's through rdc. Im just curious if I have to edit anything in regards to the docker settings or open vpn. Thanks
  2. Guys thanks for the help but I reverted back to 6.1.19. I just reinstalled and all my shares are back. I have no idea what i screwed up. Just dont have the time to have my shares down. Thanks for the help and hopefully somehow i can resolve this at a later time.
  3. Bridging is enabled and my docker apps are working.
  4. When I type the ip in explorer im prompted to enter a username and password. I have all shares set to public. All machines doing the same thing. How come the ip is coming up Thats weird right?
  5. No I deleted the old dhcp reservation. Just rebooted the router.
  6. Yeah but I updated the new mac address..... I also pulled the flash drive out and updated that network file in the config folder.
  7. Let me re-clarify I have unraid dhcp reserved for During the upgrade I had to switch the ports on the server due to connectivity issues. I feel like im getting close to the root of the problem.
  8. Thanks. I did have an issue with no connectivity. I had to switch the Ethernet port to one that I wasn't using. IPMI is working fine. I feel like their is an issue with unraid not broadcasting itself. Is their a way to reset the network configuration?
  9. I have set unraid as the static for
  10. Lets try one more thing. First, download your diagnostics file. 'Tools' >>> 'Diagnostics'. Open up the zip file and navigate to the system folder. open up the file named ifconfig.txt. Look for the section named eth0. you will find a line like this: [/code] inet netmask broadcast The inet parameter is the server's IP address. (in this case--- Second, take this address and open up Windows Explorer: type \\ in the address bar. (Those are back-slashes, NOT forward
  11. You have to precede the IP with \\, just the same as when you type in the servername. \\IP_of_your_unRAID Also, did you ever read that link? If you can access a public share then SMB is working and the secret to accessing a secure or private share is there in that link. The problem is all about the way Windows works for accessing any network files and is not really an unRAID problem. Alright no luck with entering the server ip address all I get is a windows security prompt to enter username and password. I opened up a cmd command line and entered "net use * /delete" the read back
  12. I'm at work I'll give it a try when I get home. I can't access any shares all are public. Weird thing is plex and air video hd work. I agree it's a windows problem but I can't even see the server from windows end.