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  1. Just figured out how I could get in, by forcing the signin page back to /super in the URL and then matching the credentials in the template. I changed the template credentials to match the Shinobi project defaults, so I am not entirely sure which worked but, I assume its the template that matters. Anyway, off to get into more trouble. Cheers.
  2. Perhaps SpaceInvader One can shed some light on this since he created the docker I installed.
  3. Something dumb, I am sure. I have installed Shinobi successfully but, can not get any credentials to allow me to login as superuser or anything else. I have tried the ones in the template, changed them and tried again. I have tried the defaults from the project site. I have deleted and reinstalled and still no joy. Thoughts on what I am doing wrong or, could try next. When I first installed it, the login dropdown was only superuser and now it is dashboard, ldap etc. despite not successfully logging in as admin. Thanks.
  4. Thanks. I will update to 6.2.4 manually and see if that restores my OS update easy button.
  5. I am actually now more concerned that the plugin is broken and not updating than the fact that is cannot find the files for an old release. Is it possible to manually update the update plug-in. Sounds redundant.
  6. The download link at the bottom of the plugin page also fails with the same file not found errors. Perhaps I have a routing or DNS problem but, everything else seems to work. Is there something I can ping to check? "unRAID OS v6.2.0-stable is available. Download Now"
  7. Yes, that's exactly how I got this error. After checking for plugin updates, the plugin is suggesting I upgrade to 6.2.0 stable... "click here" I was trying the automagic approach but, the easy button is broken. If I go manual, should I just upgrade to 6.3.3?
  8. I am trying a vanilla upgrade from 6.2.0rc4 to 6.2.0 stable using the update plugin but the plugin cannot find any files. I know I can do this manually but, I was wondering if this is my problem or a LimeTech issue. plugin: updating: unRAIDServer.plgplugin: downloading: https://s3.amazonaws.com/dnld.lime-technology.com/stable/unRAIDServer-6.2-x86_64.zip ... failed (Invalid URL / Server error response)plugin: wget: https://s3.amazonaws.com/dnld.lime-technology.com/stable/unRAIDServer-6.2-x86_64.zip download failure (Invalid URL / Server error response)
  9. Thanks, I did read enough to stay away from the Marvell SATA ports, as you suggest, and I have a 1200 watt, single 12v rail, platinum power supply. If I ever really need the other 2 slots on the reverse breakout, I will attach them to the SATA2 ports.
  10. Oh sure, just point out the obvious. It does say unRAID Server Pro on the Main page but, only the slightly vague "Thank you for choosing unRAID Server OS!" and "12 attached storage devices" on the registration page. It did indicate Plus when I had the 12 device license but, not Pro when I upgraded. Perhaps that could be added to save people like me from ourselves. I will assume I have flakey or broken drives until I can prove otherwise. They had come out of an older NAS with a failed power supply so not recently in use or tested. It just seemed like a bit of a coincidence that I got stuck at 12 devices after an upgrade. Thanks again.
  11. Since I did not want to take my config to the new server, I thought it was the best idea to move the key from the old stick/server config to the new stick/server config that I had built with a demo license on a different stick rather than trying to put the new server config on the old key. I had both servers running for a few weeks while I moved all my data from the old server to the the new one and then just moved the upgraded Pro key file to the new server and requested a replacement key so it would validate on the new server stick. Then I turned the old server off, as you guessed, and added the three drives in it to the new server. I have a 10 disk array, including parity and 2 SSDs in a cache pool. The drop down will allow me assign up to 30 drives to the array. The 4 drives I have left to add are not working all that well after further external testing. Let me find or, buy a known good drive to install and validate my issue and get back to you. Thanks for your help.
  12. Perhaps I am doing something wrong since I am fairly new to this but... I recently upgraded Plus key to a Pro key on an existing server with only 4 devices. Then I moved the key to a brand new server running about 8 devices on a 6.0 Pro trial key. I then requested a replacement key to replace the now invalid key on the new server. I think that's how I did it. It has been a few weeks but, it all seemed to work perfectly. My license setting no longer says "Plus" but, then it does not say Pro either. This week I started to put more drives in the Norco 4224 with 2 "IBM" 1015 controllers with an ASRock EP2C602 motherboard and no matter how I do it, I cannot get the system to recognize more than 12 drives and the USB stick. 2*Parity, 2*SSD Cache Pool and 8 data drives spread across both controllers. Both controllers have some working drives and I have been able to get at least one drive working on each of the SAS shelves I have tried. The cache pool SSDs are attached to the SATA3 ports on the motherboard. I have tried 6 additional drives to no avail. Even stranger, I did get the system to see one extra drive which I successfully pre-cleared but, when I rebooted it was gone and it never got assigned. Is it possible that the 12 device limit was not cleared by the upgrade? Is there a better way to check then installing more devices? Thanks, Tim