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  1. I have since moved to a different motherboard, but I'm still using the memory I have IBM rebranded micron RDIMM DDR3 modules that a buddy of mine hooked me up with. I only have 128GB installed now as I've borrowed the rest for other projects. P/N: MT36JSF2G72PZ-1G6E1HG
  2. That's funny because I am using firefox and it worked fine for the first browser. My guess is it might be related to whatever ad blocker being used or similar.
  3. Honestly I wish I could remember what exactly happened. I just re-installed and it's working fine when changing https to http. Checks out across all browsers. The only thing I do differently now is I use a custom IP for my dockers (queue the hissing "but mah security" proponents haha)
  4. The only commands that comes to mind would be: dmidecode and lwsh -class memory Not sure if it will give you what you're looking for, but it might point you in the right direction since you have confirmed you're in quad channel.
  5. Not true. 1 is definitely single. 2 is dual 4 can be dual as well Post your motherboard make and model if you want further help.
  6. Memory channel mode is handled by the motherboard and the ram slot population / position. If you only have 4 DIMMs in total on the board, you don't have quad channel memory. You have dual channel. Quad would require 8 DIMM slots in total.
  7. In your settings, you're trying to get an ssl cert for instead of your own custom dns name. You need to use the custom domain name you have on <eg:>. By using a dynamic dns provider, I'm not sure if you can use subdomains at that point, I personally haven't used a dynamic dns provider and just go with a cheap .com instead. Nevermind, misread.
  8. I use NVMe drives as a cache pool, they're great. You need to check your board specs to find out if it supports M.2 SATA or M.2 NVMe (PCIe). If it's just M.2 SATA, then it really is up to you on if you want to use them or not, they won't be any faster than your current SATA SSDs in terms of available bandwidth.
  9. This video might answer a lot of your questions regarding hardware transcoding with an nVidia GPU.
  10. What kind of tape are you using? I personally pop the 3.3v pin completely out (no issues with the drive) but I would not recommend it to other people.
  11. This is not related to the docker container. This is related to plex as Constructor mentioned. terminaladdict is your plex user account. You can't delete that. You can however change your username. Under Plex > Settings > Users & Sharing > You can delete the second home user by highlighting and clicking the X. Once deleted, you can then change your username to what you want.
  12. Well what you're experiencing is when CSS can't load on a website. That's usually caused by an ad or script blocker. Try clearing your browser cache and/or using a different web browser for testing (not your mobile device).
  13. Generally, a blade system shares power / networking / cooling in a single chassis for maximizing space. Some systems come with a central management console to control the blades (think IPMI). You can virtualize but at the end of the day, it's still a form factor and each blade is isolated in terms of computing power per server. The idea of having 4 CPUs on a single system is nice though, especially if you plan to use ESXi or unraid on that server blade for VMs. The only issue is the Dell 1955 can only support Xeon 5300s which are 4c/4t.
  14. Can't speak to how well they would work, but they would be individual servers inside a single housing. You'd need a license for each 'blade'.