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  1. Got, after several reboots, the cores are now appearing on Windows 10. Thanks,
  2. I created a Windows 10 vm with 4 cores, then I realized I needed more cores, so edited the vm and selected 8 cores. However, Windows 10 still sees 4 cores, why?
  3. I noticed that I already have the appdata as cache prefer, but I added the ssd after I installed the docker containers. How do I move the contents to the ssd? Thanks,
  4. Using it the way you're describing will let the drives in the array go to sleep?
  5. I wondering if it's possible to dedicate a SSD to store and run docker installation using unRAID, so that all HDD can go to sleep while they not in use for a long time. Thanks,
  6. If I created a shared folder "Allocation method" "Split level" settings, can I change these settings later and the server will redistribute already on the storage, or only future files will get distribute, or making changes after the folder was created will not make any difference?
  7. Because I'm setting up the server, and changes (no every day but) will always happen, and if you're used to apply changes without disrupting users with other systems, and then you think you expect the same on unRAID, you want to prevent data loss or corruption while users in the network and moving files to the server.
  8. Well, that's not a good design. Although this isn't an enterprise level software, it's a problem having to constantly make sure that no one is accessing the server to make such a small change. Thanks for the info.
  9. I'm still setting up my unRAID server and I noticed that while copying files from PC to server, and trying to apply settings to the server ( For example applying permission to a folder that isn't the one I'm copying file to) unRAID will terminate the copy process. Is there something wrong with the installation? Shouldn't you be able to change settings and do other tasks at the same time?
  10. I'm trying to set up shares in unRaid, but I'm having difficulties setting permissions. How to do I set permission so only a specific user can access it? Meaning how to I remove the read-only for the rest of the users.
  11. I have to get 32GB of memory for a supermicro x10srl-f motherboard, but finding compatible RAM seems a little confusing when checking the memory list. Does any using this motherboard who can recommend a 32GB memory kit that I can probably find on ebay? Also, does anyone know the difference between the 1.2 volt RAM and LRDIMM ram? Thanks,
  12. So, I installed the official PlexMediaServer on unRAID, but I have a Plex Pass and I don't know if I'm running the regular version or pass version of the server. Is there any way to tell?