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  1. Thanks for that, I did look at dmidecode, but was unable to determine anything. I will compare that with my backup server that is only Dual Channel, between the two I might be able to see something that clues me in.
  2. I used a Windows USB and Aida64 to look at mode, its running in Quad. Still would be good to be able to see this in Terminal as well, I run this Unraid headless so its a pain to run through all this to check.
  3. Right, if the 4 DIMM's are not matched with the speed and timing, they will run as Dual, so 2 sets of 2, I think that was clear in my original message. My question: is there a Terminal Command to check the channel mode the memory is running in. Simple question. Don't go making this something complicated, I can get my answer by booting into a Windows USB and running a number of checks to see. I just want to know if there is a command that will tell me before I drag out a monitor, mouse and keyboard to get the answer.
  4. Negative on that, 1 DIMM is Single, 2 DIMMs is Dual, 4 DIMMs is Quad.
  5. HynesJeff, Check your RAM, run MEMTEST64. Explain; I had a random hardware crash, reboot issue for about 6 months, I looked all over for the issue, but could not figure it out. I ended up running MEMTEST64 and found some bad RAM, it was easy to find out which DIMM it was with isolation. Once I pulled the bad stick out, it was solid for 3 months, RMA'd the ram and all is good again.
  6. Is there a terminal command I can run that will show what its doing? Explain: I had a 2 kit of Dual Channel Dimms in my x99 board, bought at the same time, running in Quad Mode, I had to RMA 2 of the 4 Dimms as one was bad and I bought them as 2 kits of Dual Channel. Fast forward, Kingston sent me 2 new Dimms, but they are different than the others, on paper they should be the same. The system came back up and is running all 4 Dimms, and all is good, I was not able to verify in the Bios if they are running in Dual or Quad, and I don't see it in Unraid anywhere either. I could pull the Unraid USB and run a Windows USB and run AIDA64 or HWINFO, but I was hoping there is a way to see that info without all that. I searched around and found a few commands to check memory info, but non of them seemed to help with determining what Mode they were running in. (Single, Dual or Quad) Thanks, Donovan