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  1. Hey Folks, For anyone running out of ideas, many of these issues sound exactly like what I was experiencing. CPU usage normal, plenty of ram and disk space. Set to Performance and Turbo enabled. My VM was so slow and experienced so much lag that it was pretty much unusable. It came down to Interrupts in my Win10 VM getting messed up in 6.9+. This is what I did to fix it. You can probably skip right to step 5, as I'm pretty sure that's what fixed it, but if you want to be extra careful, it doesn't hurt to clean up all the video drivers as well (I had a bunch of differen
  2. I had a similar issue. This is what I did to solve the problem. You probably can skip right to the msi_util step, but I outlined everything I did, just in case...
  3. Success! :). I finally had some time to take a good hard look at this issue, and with patience and perseverance, my VM is running again the same as it was in 6.8.3! Here's what I did, but I suspect these steps may not all be necessary. Download DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) on another pc and copy it over to a shared drive on the server. I made sure it was unzipped and ready to go, as doing anything in my VM took FOREVER. Boot your VM Set it to boot into Safe mode Hit the windows key. Type 'msconfig' (without the brackets) Select
  4. Can you try without passing through your rtx2080? Just use VNC. Obviously not a solution, but may help isolate the issue. I have the same problem, but if I don't pass through my video card, stability returns.
  5. Update: Updated to 6.9.1 with no improvement. VM Performance with Nvidia card passed through is still unuseable.
  6. No worries! It was a good suggestion. One more thing confirmed not to be the issue
  7. I have a ASRock EP2C602-4L/D16. Also, as an aside, the script didn't work for me either, but I did it the old fashioned way and the vBios export worked (but didn't solve the issue)
  8. Good idea! Unfortunately, I tried, and even with the vBios file, no change. The VM loads, but everything is extremely slow. I'll type in my login and it takes about 10 seconds to appear. Thanks for the suggestion though! It looked promising on the surface!
  9. Note: Tried running MSI Util inside Windows to see if something changed with interrupts etc (I ran it before to take care of some performance and sound issues and it worked great), and it tries to load but gets stuck halfway and ends up 'Not responding'.... interesting.
  10. For the record, I have the same problem passing through a Nvidia GT 710. I tried the script above in user scripts at boot. No change. I tried binding the GT 710 to the vfio-pci driver at boot using the new system devices checkbox feature, but no luck... Very odd. Worked flawlessly in 6.8.3
  11. I moved to an Adaptec 72405 more than a year ago, and though the initial setup was a bit of a pain, it's been working without issue since. Here's a thread documenting the situation.
  12. Thanks again! This has been a minor irritant for me for years. Anytime I wanted to preclear an external drive, I would have to shut down my Windows VM, remove the usb 3.0 card from the xml, add a usb 2 controller and reboot. When done preclearing, I would re-add the USB3 controller. This card allows me to dedicate one USB3 controller (port) to my VM, and the remaining three are still available to Unraid! They all show up separate and easy to identify in their own IOMMU groups. Can't ask for better than that!! IOMMU group 24:[1912:0015] 04:00.0 USB controller: Renesas T
  13. Installed and working great in 6.8.3! Funny story. I'm testing out Tdarr to batch convert old .ts files to .mp4 files, and I've been running 'watch nvidia-smi' to keep an eye on my 1660ti when I thought to myself "It would be neat if I could see this in the dashboard". I went to the nvidia plugin support thread, started reading the last few comments, and someone linked to this plugin that does exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!! :)
  14. Awesome Docker! Thank you so much!!! One thing I noticed: While using an nvidia card to transcode, if I cancel all workers mid-transcode, the streams do not seem to get released until I stop the docker. If I let them finish, they release as expected. (watching using 'watch nvidia-smi' in Putty)