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  1. I'm still not clear on Solo plotting vs self pool. Please correct me if I am wrong: solo plotting is the old way. No portable plot. farmer_pk and pool_pk are uncommented. pool_contract_address is commented. 2. Self pooling plots are portable. Not a part of any pool, but can join one with these plots. farmer_pk and pool_contract_address uncommented. Pool_pk commented.... Is this accurate?
  2. Ugh. That's embarrassing! . Thanks! It didn't even occur to me that it was the view!
  3. Apologies if I missed it, but how do I go about deleting these extra environment variables? There is no Edit/Remove buttons beside the extra variables...
  4. My Unraid Machinaris has been humming along quite nicely until this morning. All of a sudden, my plotting page no longer loads. Other pages are fine (Index, wallet etc), but /plotting throws a 500 error. Hmmm... Looking further, one of my plotting drives has dropped offline... Not sure why... Could that be causing this error?
  5. Just a word of warning. If you're using the auto update docker plugin, make sure to disable it for Machinaris, otherwise it will auto-update and wipe out any plots that are being plotted.
  6. Ahhh. OK. I will adjust accordingly . That said, I thought that tmpdir_stagger_phase_limit is more about number of CPU threads being consumed (more in 1st phase), so wouldn't make more sense to limit this on a global level, rather than per drive? Or if it is an issue for both threads used and disk IO, maybe make it configurable per drive then? Then the user can control how many total threads as well as how many per drive...
  7. Regarding "tmpdir_stagger_phase_limit", I have it set to '3', but I currently have 5 phase 1 plots running. I thought this was working before, could something have changed in .3? I *do* have 2 temp plotting directories, so is it possible that it is now applying the limit per temp directory rather than globally (which I assume should be the expected behaviour since the CPU is shared between all plotting jobs).
  8. This worked almost perfectly! The only thing is it is still showing my public keys on the wallet Settings page (and it still seems to think the mnemonic.txt file is in my root folder), even though the mnemonic.txt file was removed. Should there even still be a keys setting option? I'll submit it to github if it's an issue, but wanted to check here first. Perhaps it's working as designed...
  9. To run this in Plotter mode only, are these the correct changes (variables added) that need to be made to the docker (See attached image). Is there any other changes required? Also, do we need to remove the mnemonic.txt file from the chia root folder? Thanks!
  10. I thought I came across how to set Machinaris to only plot, or only farm but I can't seem to find it. Would you mind providing a lilnk to the right place?
  11. I'm really sorry to hear the solution I used didn't work for you. It sounds like the encryption is probably the fly in the ointment as my drives were not encrypted.
  12. Thanks! That's great news! Now the big question: What are the chances that one instance of Machinaris can control/monitor the plotting on multiple machines? Probably a pipe-dream, but thought I'd throw it out there
  13. This looks great! Does it support multiple temp directories for plotting as well as the multiple final plot directories that were mentioned above?
  14. Sounds like a plan! Did you find you had to populate specific SAS ports first (The ones at the back of the card)? I'm a bit concerned that maybe the front ports might be bad... Also, why does it not like having 2 'incoming' connections from my Controller? I assumed it would double my available bandwidth and would be a good thing... Thanks again! You've been a great help