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  1. Hmmm... Good suggestion! Sadly, I just tried, but it seems to only apply on first boot. If I stop my docker, set the delay and started the docker, it just starts as normal...
  2. Is there an option to stagger the startup of the dockers inside a folder? Maybe the ability to add a delay between dockers so a folder with many dockers inside does not overwhelm your system? I've looked around, but nothing jumped out at me :).
  3. Uggh :(. I feel your pain. I had a system crash 5 or 6 years ago where several drives corrupted and could not be rebuilt from parity. It was a long slow process to recover the missing data, but I eventually got almost everything back. Good luck in recovering your system and getting UnRaid back up and running! I will reboot my system later on and get you some pics of my settings. No guarantees that they are what you should set, but they have been working solidly for the last 3 years and might at least point you in the right direction! .
  4. Hey! Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear you're having issues with your 71605 card . The key for me when using my Adaptec 72405 was to confirm if the drive I was going to rebuild showed up normally when emulated by UnRaid, as per JorgeB's comment in this thread: In my case, emulated drives showed up as expected, and I confirmed that the data appeared normally and without issue. Also, during the process, I confirmed correct emulation of drive and contents before every single drive was rebuilt. Once the rebuild process was done, drive appeared normally, no data was moved to lost and found, and no XFS repair was required. Also, I can confirm that it is continuing to perform normally in 6.10.3, and I have since added a 36-port Expander card as well as a 4-port NVMe card to my array. Not that that information helps you much at this point 😢, but I just wanted you to know that 3 years later I am still running this card without issue. If you plan to continue to use your 71605 after you have recovered and have any questions on config settings for it, let me know and I can take some screenshots of mine. Though not the same card, they're from the same family, so my config settings might help you.
  5. Updated without issue! Thanks very much! Do all the new blockchains use the regular plot size that Chia uses, or do some of them require different sized plots?
  6. Farming going really well! Profit coin syncing up a bit slower than the rest, but I'm patient! Quick thought: It would be handy if we could adjust the timeline of the displayed info in the charts. For example, total wallet value seems to be hard-coded to a week. If we had more control over the timeline for each chart, that would be pretty handy (For example, I might want to see the value of my wallet since the beginning, or maybe Year-to-date...).
  7. No worries! Once I deleted the typo, everything was good to go! Glad you had time to disconnect!! 😁
  8. Push the new add node peers button on the connection page for cactus. It might take a few minutes to show up, but works great!
  9. That's it! It comes right after the loop over completed plot directories (which is exactly where the error occurred for me). Much appreciated!
  10. I'm trying to get cactus up and running again. I've updated to v0.8.2, and deleted the mainnet directory inside the 'cactus' folder, but when I restart the chia docker, it starts rebuilding the missing folder, but then stops and gives me this error: Thanks!
  11. As always, you have the solution!!! :). I added some peers, and N-Chain has started syncing again. Thanks again!
  12. Hello! Is anyone else having issues with nchain? Ever since last Friday (the 8th), my nchain blockchain has stopped updating. I thought it might be related to upgrading to 6.10.3, but when I did the math, I did the upgrade several days before it stopped working... Though, when looking at the nchain dbs, some of them stopped updating around the same time as my upgrade... When a blockchain has stalled like this in the past, a reboot of Machinaris and the individual coins would usually fix it, but that doesn't seem to be helping. Any ideas? Note: I'm farming almost all the other coins, and this is the only one I am having issues with.
  13. Do we need to upgrade all the alt coin DBs as well to v2? I've done the main Chia one, and am currently doing the Flax one (as per instructions above), but what about the rest? They all seem to have v1 dbs in their mainnet/db folders...
  14. I only noticed this warning after I had completed a full 3 cycle pre clear on one drive and started a new 3 cycle preclear on the next. The first one passed without issue, and the second one is chugging along. I'm seeing people comment with random errors/failures, but if my preclear finishes normally, should I be concerned? Do I need to rerun preclear with the UD Preclear on the first drive and cancel the preclear running on the second one, or if it finishes without error, I'm ok? (But will be removing and replacing script once the process is done).