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  1. I noticed this as well. It showed precleared successful, but I had to X to close it. Unfortunately, it seems like the final step of tagging the drive as precleared is not occurring either, so Unraid is now spending 12 hours clearing it...
  2. I can't speak to your specific issue, but with my Radeon 460 in Windows 10, any of the current radeon drivers kill my VM. I am currently on Radeon 17.7 (July 2017), and it seems to be fine. I've learned to back up my VM image before trying to update the video drivers, because I do keep trying, hoping a current one will work...
  3. Hi whipdancer, Thanks for the push in the right direction! I ended up implementing Nginx, and after a bit of a learning curve, I have it set to forward a local domain name to a different port on my Unraid server :). For the curious, my reason for wanting to set this up is that I bought an Amazon Fire HD8 for my kids, and the built-in Parental Control app Freetime only supports apps downloaded from the Amazon store. I use Emby as my media server, and unfortunately, Amazon removed it from their store awhile back, and are being difficult in re-instating it (even though they have Plex...). There are ways around this, most notably by installing an app called GoToApp which allows you to load apps in FreeTime that have been side-loaded in the main profile. You can side-load the Google Play store in an adult profile and then install Emby without issue. Once Emby is side-loaded, you can use GoToApp in the child profile to run it. The only downside is that there's no way to lock it down, so it opens up all sorts of other options for your kiddos (Not to mention the interface of the app is terrible, and might be confusing for little people to use). My next plan was to run it through the browser, which works quite well. The only problem is the Freetime browser is so locked down, that you cannot specify specific ports. Ahha! I thought. I'll just change Emby to port 80, move Unraid's gui to 8008, and point the browser to my Unraid IP. After a few hours of frustration, I came to realize that Emby does not allow you to assign a restricted port. There is a way around it with some console based configuration trickery, but I didn't want to go that route, especially if it got wiped out after every update (Not sure if it would, but there must be a better way!) So that's where I finally got to this point. I'll simply forward an ip or local domain name to the correct port, and problem solved! :). So this totally works. Now unfortunately, I hadn't taken into account the giant bar at the top of the window in the FreeTime browser, and the video is reduced to roughly half the size it would be in the app at full screen (And the kid's browser doesn't seem to allow full screen)... Sigh. In the end, I think I'm just going to use the slightly less comprehensive "Parental Controls" option applied to my own account and let them use the app directly. Not quite as full featured as the FreeTime sandbox, but should still do the trick. PS: I also tried installing Google's Family Link, which works great, but alas, I could not get running properly on the Fire. I'm sure I can't be the only one with one of these for their kids, so if you're trying to run Emby in FreeTime on a Fire HD, until it is re-added to the Amazon store, this solution might be your best bet!
  4. Hello all, My networking skills are limited, and I've been trying for a week now to forward a local ip address/local domain name to another local ip address AND port (In other words, forward to, or set up a local dns in my router and forward test.home to ). I have looked at dnsmasq (no port support), ssh tunnels, proxies, port forwarding in my router, local dns servers (bind, the router itself, etc), and just can't seem to figure this out. One caveat is that I don't want to leave the local network (by using a public domain name and router port forwarding). All traffic must stay within the network. When I started this little project, I thought it would be easy peasy, but I can't quite get it.... HELP!!! Thanks for any advice thoughts shared!! DB.
  5. So I believe I have "solved" this problem. By reinstalling a bare bones install of 6.6, and slowly re-introducing all my plugins and dockers, I narrowed down the problem to the Unassigned Devices plugin. I was concerned that it was an incompatibility with unassigned devices, and I was going to have to passthrough my whole SSD for my VMs, but then I had the smart idea of deleting the unassigned devices plugin folder and recreating it from scratch 😋. No more problems! Very odd that 6.5.1 had no issues with it, but anything else would crash. Maybe this will help someone else experiencing random unexplained lockups and crashes.
  6. Sadly no. SMB only. So weird that 6.5.1 is rock solid for me. I mean runs for months without issue, while anything newer generally crashes within a day :(.
  7. Yeah, I was a bit worried about that. Nothing jumped out at me as being vastly different either. A few more bits of information that might help: 1. I know it's not just the network connectivity, as even connected to Unraid directly with keyboard and screen, things are completely frozen when it goes down. 2. IPMI still works. I can log into the ASRock utility and see the stats, reboot the server etc. 3. I've wiped the usb key and done a fresh install of 6.6.1 as well. 4. Though I have no proof, I feel it might be related to the vms. I did rebuild the vms from scratch though. They were built early on directly in XML, so I though perhaps there was malformed code, so I rebuilt them in 6.6 using the built in form, using the newest drivers etc. 5. As johnnie mentioned, I've updated to the newest bios and BMC (Newish - released in the last few months) Does anyone else using the same motherboard have anything newer then 6.5.1 running without issue?
  8. This has been an on going problem ever since 6.5.2. Every time a new version comes out, I try and upgrade to it, but after a few days, I have to roll back to 6.5.1 because the server keeps going down. Once rolled back to 6.5.1, Unraid runs pretty much forever. I've tried everything. Even safe mode crashes, though it does seem to take several days to do so, while normally it crashes within 24 hours. It always seems to happen over night when it is not in use. It has never occurred while in use... I ran Troubleshooting mode and hopefully captured the problem. Thanks for looking! DB
  9. :(. Drag. I was hoping they fixed this, but sounds like they can't... Sigh
  10. I just saw your post so thought I'd check if they released an updated Bios and BMC for the EP2C602-4L/D16 and it looks like they have released a new bios!! June 26 2018. v.190! Has anyone installed it to see if it helps with this? Notes show Spectre and Meltdown support, but also "Improved system performance"....
  11. That's a shame! I've never had a problem with Staples.ca. I usually wait till they email or snail mail me a $25 off $75 coupon, then I go find some sale-priced tech that I don't really need, and with the sale price and extra $25 off, it's hard to say no . Usually orders arrive within a few days. Until amazon prime came along, they actually were the fastest shipping online company I dealt with. Hopefully it was a one time screw up. If you need a new drive, this price is pretty sweet (Especially with a coupon on top of the sale price). Might be worth giving them another shot...
  12. This is the drive: Seagate STEB8000100 Expansion™ External Desktop Hard Drive, USB 3.0, 8 TB, Black Needs to be shucked. Voids your warranty etc etc. May be an archive drive (Apparently they are fine for Unraid) Ships free for $179.92, and if you have a Staples.ca coupon, you can get up to $25 more off. Sale is on until July 17th 2018.
  13. Is Sab writing to the same drive that the VM is living on? I used to share the cache drive as cache/VM storage, and would experience VM lag issues during download and other Sab file activity (unraring etc). Also, are you using a platter drive or an SSD for your VM? SSD definitely helps with VM performance.
  14. Thanks for the info! I wonder if there's some way to force the BMC to have this requirement before sending out an alert... That would be a solution to this issue, as the event seems to only occur for an extremely short period of time.
  15. What board are you going with? The one in my signature (ASRock EP2C602-4L/D16 ) has a ton of features and is quite stable, but it has a bug where it constantly reports cpus overheating for a second or two. I get dozens of emails a day about it. Very annoying.