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  1. gubbgnutten

    Extreme lag after added a disk to the machine

    Maybe, maybe not. Not entirely implausible. Wouldn't it be easy to test by just temporarily block outside access and see if it helps?
  2. gubbgnutten

    why all files corrupt on Btfrs

    How did you move the files? Have you checked the size of the files after the move?
  3. gubbgnutten

    Cache utilization

    See Linux ate my RAM.
  4. gubbgnutten

    SSH Connection Issue

    Are you logging in as root?
  5. No worries Given the limited number of writes to the flash drive during normal use I don’t think SLC vs MLC will actually make a difference. That said, I would expect a better designed drive with quality components to be more reliable (and more expensive) than a really cheap one. So far I’ve use models recommended by Limetech and been lucky enough to not have one fail. Failure wouldn’t be a major inconvenience to me actually, thanks to the automated key replacement process. I would just grab a replacement drive (they’re cheap so I already have an extra), restore the most recent backup and be up and running within minutes.
  6. The stick needs to have a unique GUID. Where did you read about "a individual serial number"?
  7. gubbgnutten

    3XSSD Cache - Total Size Incorrect

    ...and B is not the same as b
  8. gubbgnutten

    3XSSD Cache - Total Size Incorrect

    670.71GiB is more or less 720GB. :-)
  9. gubbgnutten

    Noob needs help with my first unRAID system

    It does a clear, simple as that. The drive needs to be all zeros to be added to a parity protected array. The difference is that nowadays it is cleared in the background, while older versions kept the array offline until the clear was completed. A pre-cleared drive can be formatted and used really really soon after adding it (since it is already cleared).
  10. gubbgnutten

    Noob needs help with my first unRAID system

    Not saying you're wrong, just some thoughts about what I would do in a similar situation: :-) Is your old NAS fast or slow? If it is slow, I would have step 2 create a new array with parity. If it is fast, I would add the parity after step 4. For step 4, I would copy the files rather than move them, and when parity is in place verify that all files were written correctly. I usually have checksums for static files, so for me it is quite straightforward to verify files. Yes, I am quite paranoid...
  11. gubbgnutten

    Noob needs help with my first unRAID system

    Unfortunately only applies to expansion as far as I know.
  12. gubbgnutten

    Different size parity drives

    Yes, the two parity drives can be different sizes as long as both are at least as large as the largest data drive (as usual).
  13. gubbgnutten

    Noob needs help with my first unRAID system

    If you add a pre-cleared drive it will be added to the array more or less instantaneously instead of cleared in the background and then added.
  14. Thank you, most appreciated. Will make sure to remember that when I get around to finishing my dual cpu server...
  15. gubbgnutten

    cloning hdd results in different disk usage?

    That is only a summary of the current view, though, without taking contents of the folders into consideration.