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  1. So files that are saved via a docker app (Brave, Firefox..etc) that are saved to a share are saved with invalid permissions. I can't write to the folder from my NTFS share. This isn't an NTFS share issue. To fix I have to chmod 777 the share folder in unraid and then the files are writable. I remember there was a set of directions how to fix this...dont remember where and never wrote it down. How can I have dockers save new files to the share with read/write by everyone?
  2. You should have an open to command prompt buried in those recovery menus somewhere. Something all my W10 clients get (or used do when I used it more) bcdedit /set {current} bootmenupolicy Legacy Allows F8, otherwise it's ~3 times of failed boot before it will prompt for recovery mode.
  3. Trying to pass an integrated Haswell GPU to some VMs. It will work great in Seabios but OVMF just displays a blank screen. Why? Where is the best place to begin debugging? When I start the VM with a monitor in sleep mode, I can see the monitor power on display no signal and then go back to sleep. Which is what I want to do in the mornings sometimes! I've read that sometimes Seabios is harder to get working than OVMF. Wonder of OVMF requires a vbios which I do not have.... Except from my syslog says
  4. I just saw it happen, and fortunately had the console open. I dont always see unraid reporting anything. My Linux VM reported Unraid reported lspcid'd it Sure enough IRQ 18 Tried to rmmod and modprobe vfio-pci. Didn't work
  5. I'm having the exact same issue with my VMs as Elie above. Intel passthru only works with Seabios. Mine doesn't show anything. Is there a place in logs we can check? Tips tricks?
  6. If there are raw, sounds right. Dont delete them until it works. DD, Clonezilla..etc. Might have to fix the boot loader depending on how they boot. EFI , BIOS. Have you tried yet? What happened?
  7. TLDR Summary: USB Switch switching between two laptops and an unraid VM. The VM doesn't always connect back when being switched. Sometimes it picks up right away, sometimes takes a minute, mostly requires a server reboot. Linux VM, Windows VM doesn't seem to matter. Would like to avoid the server reboot at the very least! Is there a way to reset the hardware stack or drivers via command line? How can I begin to diagnose and address this USB VM Passthru issue? Details: In a fit of irony, I've been watching lsmod and lspci to look for changes for th
  8. Recently updated my server to the latest versions of everything. Quarantine Fun! Is there a way to reset the hardware stack or drivers via command line? I'm passing though a USB controller and graphics card to some VMs. USB devices on the VM are attaced to the USB controller with a switch so I can switch between another computer and the VM. Sometimes the controller freaks out... a server reboot takes care of the issue. Linux/Windows VMs will report: Is there a way to reset the hardware stack or drivers via command line? Thanks!!!
  9. In my hearts of hearts I had thought that would be the answer. Thank you for the vid!!
  10. That's perfect, thank you! Hadn't seen that video in my research. Love spaceinvader videos. This does 80% of what I'm after. What would make it better, is if there was a way for the VM to run when GPU was disconnected and the ability to disconnect/reconnect the GPU while the VM is running. That way I could have a task going on one VM and switch to another. I just had the idea of USB 3.0 external graphics cards. Not sure how good they are or of they'll work with some of my Linux distros.
  11. Hey Glorious Unraiders and KVMers. I run 2-4 VMs at a time and I'd like to passthrough graphics and usb controllers. Been doing research on that, no problem doing it. Is there a way to dynamically change which VM gets the passthrough? It would work like a virtual KVM. I'd have one graphics card, one monitor, one mouse and one keyboard. I'd like to chose which VM they get assigned to and switch among them. I'm using VNC/Splashtop right now. I'd keep that operational for remote access, but dont like that Splashtop needs internet to work. Would like a non-
  12. Perfect! User Scripts. That opens the door for me to do all kinds of things. Thanks! Any idea what the best way is to write a script to monitor output from ping? Whats the best/easiest way. Other than having one script run the ping command continuously, printing the output to a file. Then another script to read the contents of the file and look for "bad" "disconnected" whatever terms ping uses. Then another script to delete the file every month or so.... complicated.
  13. Seen this done with multiple monitors to one unraid workstation with gaming VMs. Thinking latency of VNC, SplashTop Desktop, TeamViewer RDP...whatever would be to high for gaming. Your basically using the NUCs to make wireless monitors.
  14. I have a perhaps unusual network typology, pictured. What happens is Router B often randomly looses connection (especially after long periods of no-use [eg. overnight]). To solve this problem all I have to do is reboot Router B, wait 2-3 minutes, and Router C will be connected again. Sometimes Router C stops trying to get an address on the WAN port and I have to log in and tell it to connect. What I'm after is a script where, from Unraid (or Router C) I ping Router A every minute. This might in-and-of-itself keep the connecti
  15. I'm having this same permissions issue. I just ran DockerSafeNewPerms which fixed all the files created by syncthing, however, I can't modify new files created by syncthing. Can I somehow pass to the docker to create the files as 777 or some such thing? Worst off maybe schedule DockerSafeNewPerms to run daily at night... not an ideal solution. FYI my speed seems fine. I had to turn off everything but local discovery, and changed my server's ip from dynamic to it's actual ip. Things go much faster now, although still slower than transferring files in