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  1. Mods dont delete, this is EXACTLY what my problem was and I never would have figured it out. Thank you J05u!
  2. I'm not too good at interpreting log files, but Ill tell you what worked for me. After activating a VPN in Deluge, my webui wouldn't start. I banged my head against the wall all morning, I was ready to chop my dick off I was so frustrated. What ended up working for me was this. I was using a static IP for the specific container that deluge was running in docker. IE: My unraid server was say and I have the deluge docker container pull its own IP from my router of . I found it easier to split some containers away from my unraid root ip.
  3. Can you be a bit more specific about how you fixed it? I have the same problem, after activating the VPN I cant connect to the webUI. Thanks!
  4. Array disk to array disk 8TB Red to 8TB Red No parity Turbo write enabled HP H220 HBA (SAS2308) -> SINGLE SFF-8087 Cable -> HP 12 Drive Backplane with integrated expander. Interestingly - While using unBALANCE to move files from drive to drive - at ~81 MB/s (lots of smaller files) I am able to speed test one of the other drives in the array at 200+ MB/s with only slight impact on performance. Slight speed hit to the drive being tested, but the 2 drives that are doing a transfer aren't really affected in performance. Edit: M
  5. I am using a PCIe 3.0 HBA on a PCIe 2.0 server, connected to a SAS1 expander (hp dl180 g6). I can speed test at ~205-210 MB/s on a single drive, but transferring disk to to disk its limited to 85-90 MB/s. Does this make sense?
  6. I just fell for the honeypot! Damn I wish this was still a thing.
  7. Example: WD RED WD40EFRX, slows to below 100 MB/s after 3600 GB
  8. 22 dell R710's for $180... man, the USA is a batshit crazy firesale. I feel bad for those businesses as a single R710 can easily fetch $200+ on any open market.
  9. CMOS battery completely dead on my server - date was Dec 2000 - chaning date resolved my issue!
  10. haha 1st world internet problems.. lol ! so they "took" the data , deleted and requested ransom? What was the fee?
  11. Thanks for the response! Questions 1-3/4 were pretty much answered. I was just recounting my interest. Defiantly look at pfSense and known blocklists... Almost anything in china/russia isn't needed for daily use. Was the data encrypted or uploaded as you speculated earlier?
  12. I read this entire thread for 4 reasons. 1. To see if OP recovered data 2. To ask why unRAID was facing the internet (appears to be an accident) 3. How/Why hack happened answers #2 4. To make sure someone tells OP to run pfSense. LOL Also OP, the unRAID box was facing the internet, how did they guess the password and actually ssh into the box? Was it an easy password? Does it appear in the logs that they just brute forced (1000's of logins)? Shouldn't unRAID have locked down after several failed attempts?
  13. Also find it interesting that I can squeeze a few more Mbit if I use FTP instead of SMB. I would assume this is due to Samba overhead ?
  14. Unfortunately no. And it pisses me off. The client (i7-3820, Asus Maximus MB, 32GB ram, intel ssd boot drive, all WD black drives) was a Windows 7 system. It has served me well for 6 years (since last re-install), and can WRITE to various servers (ubuntu, freenas and unraid) all at over 100 MB/s. When reading from the arrays, it would max out at 65 MB/s like clockwork, across 3 different server OS (with a slight bump in speed reading from ubuntu). I changed 4 variables (yes I know thats bad lol) at once to get a solid 112 MB/s R/W speed. Different Hardware (lower power