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  1. I do, I tried restoring my settings to the new install and removing the DB which was corrupted (this was one of my first actions). ES hooks did not work. I may try this again tomorrow.
  2. Thanks. Project for another night. Appreciate the work putting this together.
  3. Yes, this is what I figured happened to me too. I got a clean install up and running, but notifications are broken. Eager to hear if others are successful or not getting these going.
  4. I had a clean folder when this happened (I started completely from scratch when trying to troubleshoot). Manually adding the files to my hooks folder from the repo fixed this issue, but hooks still arent working. When trying to run this manually from the command line, I get "sudo: /var/lib/zmeventnotification/bin/zm_event_start.sh: command not found' At this point, I would like to just roll back to the previoys 18.04 version ( I still have my files from that install). Is there a way to do this so I can get it going again? Was working fine under my old install. I don
  5. Hello, Two items/suggestions: Can you have the API do an update periodically or have the messages persist. If HA is restarted, the switches show 'unavailable' since they don't seem to persist on the MQTT broker. Restarting the API corrects. Getting this error. Think its due to having docker containers that weren't created through the Unraid Apps section - created using command line in docker. These types don't show at all in the API, and think they should still have the ability to stop, restart etc since you can do this through the dockers tab in Unraid. Possible