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  1. I also am looking for this answer. There is very little documentation on this process, and the author's github page says it s required to fork the repo so it compiles with your personal info included. There has to be a way to make this happen without these steps.
  2. - Main unRaid Server Dual Xeon E5-2650L-v4 (14c28t each - 28c56t total) 256gb DDR4 Supermicro X10-DRH-C Supermicro CSE-847 36 3.5" + 2 2.5" bay 4U chassis Quadro P2000 Hauppauge QuadHD TVTuner SolarFlare dual port 10gb SFP+ Adaptec ASR-71605 16port HBA 1TB Sabrent Rocket NVMe 2x 1TB WD Green SATA SSD 6x 14TB WD Red 5x 12TB WD Red 10x 10TB WD Red ~~~230TB Main Array ~~~2TB SSD Pool ~~~1TB Cache drive - backup unRaid Server Chenbro case Jetway NF9J-Q87 ITX motherboard Intel Core i3-4130T 32gb DDR3 SoDIMM Quadro P2000 4x 16tb WD Red 2x 2TB WD SSD 256gb mSATA ~~~48TB Main Array ~~~2TB SSD Pool ~~~256GB Cache drive - Switch MikroTik 24port POE switch with 4 10gb SFP+ - PFSense Router Supermicro CSE-203B 1U case Supermicro A1SRi-2758F 8core Atom cpu 32gb DDR4 ECC SoDIMM Chelsio T520CR 10gb SFP+ dual port - Battery Backup Dell 2700W with EBM -Test Server ASRock J1900D2Y Mini ITX 32gb DDR3 2x 256gb SSD - Gaming Rig Gigabyte Aurus G17-YC i7-10870H 8c16t 32gb ddr4 GeForce RTX 3080 1tb NVMe 2tb NVMe 2.5gb nic full RGB mechanical keyboard 2x Samsung U32H85x Logitech G703 with PowerPlay Mat Logitech G915 TKL LightSpeed Samsung HK850 soundbar
  3. you are correct. unraid shuts down the docker and VM services when trying to join a domain - thus, you must have at least one domain controller outside of the unraid VM umbrella. (I am trying to set this up right now. I plan to make the unraid VM - zentyal - the primary controller, and have a secondary running on my Windows Server 2016 Core machine that currently only runs pfsense as a VM. Once I have them both configured, I can join the domain in unraid and then the unraid zentyal VM will (hopefully) do all of the heavy lifting and the Win-S16c box can still be mostly pfsense. I am configuring this in my home lab as a test for a production environment right now. The most trouble I have had so far is just configuring the networking correctly on all of the VM hosts. My network map is a spaghetti monster, lol... unraid is that single hiccup that is forcing a 2nd domain controller though. It sucks, but it does give me the redundancy that the rest of my network enjoys.
  4. I have not been able to download torrents since 11/29. I have read other users saying it is because of the cfscrape and TVDB changing their API. The suggested solution is to replace the file with a fixed one. However this is not possible in the docker as far as I can tell. I keep getting errors that I cannot connect to search providers or torrent app. Nothing changed that I am aware of. No updates, not even a server reboot.
  5. They were actually sold for scrap metal, and the guy who got them realized he could more than double the value if he sold them as computers... and I made more than $5000 selling them all - many in 3-6 lots @ 200-300 each. I even took the 10gb networking cards out of all of them before I sold them.
  6. I have been out of the loop for a bit, and I see some work on this project... but has there been resolution? I would be more than happy to donate a tuner, or be a guinea pig for you if you need one. I will be picking up a low profile gtx1050 in a week or two... so I am at your disposal. I would love to have hardware decoding AND TVTuner all in one box. Heck, I may even find a way to mount a p2000 in my 2U server if this is working.
  7. still plan to... and will probably be my long term solution. now that I know what the issue / solution is, I wanted to let everyone else know in case someone had the same issue. Really appreciate all the hard work - and especially spelling out the manual process for us.
  8. that was the case here too. I am running 10gb fiber, and had MTU set to 9000 everywhere. Put it all back to 1500 and Robert's your father's brother... Thanks for the insight!
  9. I get that. But why does nvidia unraid work with no problem? Is there a way to manually download the unraid DVB builds in the meantime? I don't really expect you to do anything on your end, I am asking what is wrong on my end. Where do I even look?
  10. I have been struggling with this one for a bit, and did see someone else having this issue - but no resolution was presented. first, NVidia Unraid plugin pulls available builds just fine. however, when trying to pull available builds on unraid-dvb, it just sits at "updating available builds" until I finally give up. I have the latest unraid and version of the dvb plugin. here is the relevant log entries: nginx: 2019/04/29 17:46:02 [error] 8733#8733: *11178 upstream timed out (110: Connection timed out) while reading response header from upstream, client:, server: , request: "POST /plugins/UnraidDVB/include/exec.php HTTP/1.1", upstream: "fastcgi://unix:/var/run/php5-fpm.sock", host: "", referrer: "" I am at a loss, and would appreciate any help.
  11. I am also interested in this, but the answers are not relevant. I want to know what files are on what drive - in the rare case that a drive fails during parity rebuild. This way I know for sure what I lost. - It would be AWESOME if the system built this as the first step to a rebuild - as this is the only REALLY vulnerable time for the array.
  12. would like to +1 on this. rolling back worked and I am back up and running. Just letting you know it isn't an isolated event.
  13. OMG.... I just saw that my clock was set 1 month ahead to Nov 3, 2018.... set to correct date and it works just fine. Nothing to see here.........
  14. I have all of my crucial date backed up to enterprise grade server hardware - both onsite and offsite. I am unconcerned with the risk of 1 or 2 parity drives protecting 60+ data drives. What I need, I will not lose. What I want is just to be able to take advantage of the 42 drives (with plans to grow to 60 or more in a 45drives style enclosure before it is over) in a single solution. I prefer not to bastardize my SSD cache with mechanical hard drives. I was under the impression that cache pools became 1 big drive and there was no way to call out individual drives for specific duties. If this is a technical limitation, ok... but I do not see why it would be. The OS is fully capable of recognizing 40+ devices. The limitation is only in being able to include them in the array. It would be awesome to hear from someone on the unraid team what the answer to this is. It really is the only flaw I can find in the OS. It is perfect for my needs otherwise. *edit* The debate is valid on both sides. Yes, I could upgrade 30 drives to 12TB... That would cost more than $10000. I have the hardware I have through incredible deals and luck. 12x 2TB SUN SAS drives for $160 PX-350r with 12x 2TB Enterprise Seagate drives for $220 5x 3TB, 6x 5TB and 2x 8TB Drives NIB in external enclosures from a pawn shop for $10-$40 each $250 total Dell i3220 filled with 900gb SAS drives as part of a huge server buyout (2x maxed out R710's, 1x maxed out R310, 3x 6648 switches, 1 5548 switch, 2x 2700w UPS, the i3220, and a bunch on misc equipment) for $400 22x Dell R710 with Dual 5530's for $180 I don't say that to brag.... I say that to explain that while I have an insane amount of hardware, My total out of pocket to date is ~1200. If you consider all the stuff I sold along the way... It was all free and I made money. My point is that if there is a way to expand the drive limit to truly "unlimited" it would be very helpful as enterprise grade hardware being sold in large lots is not going to be 12TB drives.. they will be 2TB and 3TB... and while they are used, they will still have years of life left. 1.6 million hours MTBF is a VERY long time.