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  1. i had to go in and update the DNS but its working now for me as well. thank you.
  2. the my servers pulldown menu says: request to https://mothership.unraid.ney/graphql failed, reason: certificate has expired. when i go to settings the it says the certificate expires on june 11th, and won't let me renew it. (its grayed out.). any ideas of what to do?
  3. I lost by webgui on local machine too. Tried everything in this forum. And only setting disable_xconfig=true worked. Thank you. Haven't had the gui drive i updated to 6.9.1. Even tried to downgrade back to 6.9.0. that didn't help. So I'm glad this did. Thanks.
  4. That's an idea. Now i actually know what it is. I didn't even think of that.
  5. So i had time to mess with it today. If i uninstall and reinstall the. Nvidia plugin and restart it's still a blank screen. If i uninstall the Nvidia plug-in and restart then i get the webgui beck. If i then reinstall the Nvidia plug-in and let it download. And stop and restart docker as per the big message. Then restart i lose the webgui again.
  6. I updated from 6.9.0 to 6.9.1 today and on startup my local machine loaded to a black screen. I can access it through any other device on my network just fine. I can press ctrl-alt-f1 and get into the console on Uber kidney machine. I previously set it up to boot straight into the webgui. And it never had any issues until after this update. Here is what I've done: Restarted Tried the commands: modprobe i915 & /etc/rc.d/rc.4 Checked to see if there was an old dynamix.plg file there wasn't. Downgraded back to 6.9.0
  7. It's not DHCP i am not sure but i think the issue waa my router won't let me loopback to it. So like i have swag setup i can't access it from my local network if i use the domain i setup. No i have to use my internal ip. And that's true for any Internet facing service that runs on my server. But again my router sucks. So i assumed that was the dns binding issue and saw i could change my dns to dynamic and hey it worked.
  8. It's a crappy actiontec c1900a modem/router from centurylink.
  9. Just a heads up. I couldn't get it to provision on my server. I went into my router and changed the dns room static to dynamic and then it worked. So maybe that will help someone else.
  10. Aww i tried incognito mode it didnt let me login. I went back to ssl. But maybe I'll disable it and clear the cache and see if that works. But it had me freaking out cause i couldn't access my server. Luckily it was still logged in on another tab and i was able to enable the ssl and get back into it.
  11. I was more concerned with the fact when i disabled SSL and accessed my http://ip as well as http://tower it wanted me to login and wouldnt accept my login credentials. Or allow me to login.
  12. I think swag has too have port 443 forwarded to whichever port swag is set for. So it can intercept all https connections and redirect them as set since services like nextcloud will attempt to connect on 443.
  13. my remote access isn't working cause its conflicting with swag I think. if i change the port from 443 to a different port it works but then i have to add that to my webgui to use unraid and thats kinda a pain.
  14. So now i'm kinda afraid that if i disable or remove the plugin i won't be able to access my server.
  15. So I disabled SSL and the IP address worked but would not let me sign in. however tower/Main still worked and was logged in. so i enabled ssl again and now its forwarding to the page instead of the local IP. Hmm.