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  1. Note for anyone reading this: this only worked for Legacy BIOS setups for me - not UEFI. That seems to be netboot's general recommendation anyway, but it is a shame.
  2. EDIT: There is a workaround I found on the GIT repository. Basically the author of the speedtest docker needs to rebuild it. Until then, you can rebuild it yourself and point it to your own local repository. See this link for instructions. Same issue has the others have reported regarding the SpeedTest docker. Seems one of the parameters no longer allows NULL values? Debug Logging Output: Loading Configuration File config.ini Configuration Successfully Loaded 2021-04-19 16:00:09,787 - DEBUG: Testing connection to InfluxDb using provided crede
  3. Long time user of this plugin and have run into an issue after updating to the latest UNRAID version (6.9.2). For some reason, the plugin thinks I have multiple NICs installed in my system and reports the following error: eth1 and eth2 both have IP addresses on the network. This is rarely a valid configuration Neither eth1 or eth2 show up in ifconfig nor in the Settings page (just eth0). At one point, I did install a 10Gb NIC but have since removed it over a year ago. Not sure why the plugin would still think it's the case. Current
  4. Note: latest container update fixed the issue.
  5. You gotta change the config file the config folder /rtorrent/config/rtorrent.rc file. E.G.: network.port_range.set = 6801-6801
  6. Seems they're looking into it / fixed it: https://github.com/Novik/ruTorrent/pull/2050
  7. Great. Thanks for the quick response. Has it been reported to the owner of the site?
  8. Is there anyone else facing an issue where the port status is unknown? I haven't changed anything and all-of-a-sudden it has gone back to that. No VPN and I've confirmed port-forwarding is working. Thanks in advance.