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  1. My Unraid Machinaris has been humming along quite nicely until this morning. All of a sudden, my plotting page no longer loads. Other pages are fine (Index, wallet etc), but /plotting throws a 500 error. Hmmm... Looking further, one of my plotting drives has dropped offline... Not sure why... Could that be causing this error?
  2. Just a word of warning. If you're using the auto update docker plugin, make sure to disable it for Machinaris, otherwise it will auto-update and wipe out any plots that are being plotted.
  3. Ahhh. OK. I will adjust accordingly . That said, I thought that tmpdir_stagger_phase_limit is more about number of CPU threads being consumed (more in 1st phase), so wouldn't make more sense to limit this on a global level, rather than per drive? Or if it is an issue for both threads used and disk IO, maybe make it configurable per drive then? Then the user can control how many total threads as well as how many per drive...
  4. Regarding "tmpdir_stagger_phase_limit", I have it set to '3', but I currently have 5 phase 1 plots running. I thought this was working before, could something have changed in .3? I *do* have 2 temp plotting directories, so is it possible that it is now applying the limit per temp directory rather than globally (which I assume should be the expected behaviour since the CPU is shared between all plotting jobs).
  5. This worked almost perfectly! The only thing is it is still showing my public keys on the wallet Settings page (and it still seems to think the mnemonic.txt file is in my root folder), even though the mnemonic.txt file was removed. Should there even still be a keys setting option? I'll submit it to github if it's an issue, but wanted to check here first. Perhaps it's working as designed...
  6. To run this in Plotter mode only, are these the correct changes (variables added) that need to be made to the docker (See attached image). Is there any other changes required? Also, do we need to remove the mnemonic.txt file from the chia root folder? Thanks!
  7. I thought I came across how to set Machinaris to only plot, or only farm but I can't seem to find it. Would you mind providing a lilnk to the right place?
  8. I'm really sorry to hear the solution I used didn't work for you. It sounds like the encryption is probably the fly in the ointment as my drives were not encrypted.
  9. Thanks! That's great news! Now the big question: What are the chances that one instance of Machinaris can control/monitor the plotting on multiple machines? Probably a pipe-dream, but thought I'd throw it out there
  10. This looks great! Does it support multiple temp directories for plotting as well as the multiple final plot directories that were mentioned above?
  11. Sounds like a plan! Did you find you had to populate specific SAS ports first (The ones at the back of the card)? I'm a bit concerned that maybe the front ports might be bad... Also, why does it not like having 2 'incoming' connections from my Controller? I assumed it would double my available bandwidth and would be a good thing... Thanks again! You've been a great help
  12. Ok. So more info. I moved both breakout cables to the same group of sas ports at the back of the card (The 7 internal ports are grouped 4 at the back of the card, and 3 at the front). With the 2 breakout cables and 1 controller to Expander cable, all the drives appeared!! A soon as I added a second controller cable, drives disappeared... So either the second port is bad, or maybe it's only used if the second 'group' of sas ports are needed... Thanks again for your help @Vr2Io! Though I'm still not clear as to the issue, at least i got all my drives to show up!!
  13. Well that's interesting! I removed one cable from controller to expander, and moved one forward breakout cable to a different port, and now one of the drives is appearing! It's [1:1:31:0] disk ATA WDC WD30EZRX-00M 80.0 /dev/sdr 3.00TB. Why would only one drive appear? Progress of sorts! The firmware on the HBA is the most current, but not sure about the expander as I can't see it to check/flash it... Regarding the cables. The SFF-8643 to SFF-8643 cables are both new (never tested), but the SFF_8643 to SATA cables were in use before on my controller and worke
  14. Ok. Diagnostic attached. Thank you so much for looking!
  15. Hello! So Sorry about the extended delay on this question. I must have missed the email that there was a response to this thread! My 72405 is set to 'HBA' mode. See screenshot for what the manual has to say. To me, it sounds like 'HBA' is the correct choice for Unraid... As for parity speeds, hard to say. Some of my drives are ancient, so slow things down quite a bit, but I have seen speeds range from low 90 MB/s to maxing out my fastest drives. With all 24 ports occupied, I believe the technical max speed would be 4800 MB/s / 24, (Based on this very thorough post) but I don't beli
  16. Yup. 2 sas ports connected from controller to expander. Note: I am using power from a molex connection and do not have it plugged into the motherboard, but everything I've read in their documentation seems to say that's fine... And it does appear in the controller's utility at boot, just no drives and no device in Unraid...
  17. Hey folks, I have no experience with SAS expanders, so I'm not sure what to expect. I purchased an Adaptec 82885T expander to work with my Adaptec 72405, but though the expander shows in the Adaptec utility during boot, the drives do not appear in Unraid (and they don't show up in the Adaptec utility either), and the expander does not show up in the devices list. Do I have a bum expander card, or am I missing something?
  18. Also, to confirm, it works without issue for me. Just to rule out the obvious, you have identified those paths (/plots and /plotting) inside the docker template, right?
  19. Thank you so much!!! This is perfect! Exactly what I was looking for. I followed your steps and I have Swar humming along nicely inside this docker!! Now I can actually see what the docker is doing!! As an aside, this is also a great roadmap for me on how to get other scripts running inside other dockers!!!! Super helpful!!!
  20. Hey All! Loving this docker! Thanks @Partition Pixel! I've been trying for days to make a Plot Manager work with this docker, but I think/agree that the only solution is to integrate it into the docker. If we're taking votes on Plot Manager integration, I'm a big fan of Swar. I find it a bit more user friendly then Plotman, and can be used in all OSes if you're running more than just the docker (I'm using my MacBook as well as a Windows machine). Here's a screenshot of the interface to try and make the sale .
  21. Hey Folks, For anyone running out of ideas, many of these issues sound exactly like what I was experiencing. CPU usage normal, plenty of ram and disk space. Set to Performance and Turbo enabled. My VM was so slow and experienced so much lag that it was pretty much unusable. It came down to Interrupts in my Win10 VM getting messed up in 6.9+. This is what I did to fix it. You can probably skip right to step 5, as I'm pretty sure that's what fixed it, but if you want to be extra careful, it doesn't hurt to clean up all the video drivers as well (I had a bunch of differen
  22. I had a similar issue. This is what I did to solve the problem. You probably can skip right to the msi_util step, but I outlined everything I did, just in case...
  23. Success! :). I finally had some time to take a good hard look at this issue, and with patience and perseverance, my VM is running again the same as it was in 6.8.3! Here's what I did, but I suspect these steps may not all be necessary. Download DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) on another pc and copy it over to a shared drive on the server. I made sure it was unzipped and ready to go, as doing anything in my VM took FOREVER. Boot your VM Set it to boot into Safe mode Hit the windows key. Type 'msconfig' (without the brackets) Select