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  1. therapist

    What's with all the releases?

    6.6.6 is current stable the releases are Release Candidates which are technically beyond beta but before full release. I'd imagine that since @limetech can only test so many configurations themselves, they rely on the community to see if there are glitches with the thousands of different hardware options people use. Personally, I stick to stable releases...only installing them after they have been in the wild for 2+ weeks Theres nobody twisting arms to run RC software, so no need to be up in arms about the testing process
  2. therapist

    Onboard SCU passthrough

    I have an x9dri-ln4f+ which has a dedicated onboard Intel 602 controller for the "SCU" port which I am trying to pass through to a Win10 VM. I set up a RAID0 array at boot in the controller interface, and after passing through the controller with vfio-id the windows 10 installer doesnt see any drives. I tried using the virtio drivers & even brought in a copy of intel 602 drivers but no love. Any pointers on where to go next? Goal is to pass through a 4 drive RAID0 for a gaming VM.
  3. therapist

    Samsung SSD HBA TRIM

    my apologies, misread that!
  4. therapist

    Samsung SSD HBA TRIM

    I tried again with an Intel PRO 2500 SSD w/ the same results on a 9207-8e w/ expander & a 9211-8i w/ passthrough backplane
  5. therapist

    Samsung SSD HBA TRIM

    That's a nice find I just verified my 860 EVO also supports DRAT Also got my hands on a few Intel Pro 2300 SSDs which also support DRAT Do you have your 860s going through a backplane or expander @Trunkz
  6. therapist

    Samsung SSD HBA TRIM

    Thank you!
  7. therapist

    Samsung SSD HBA TRIM

    Seems pretty straightforward to make a BASH script to extract last LBA address and run sg_unmap When I run the command in 6.6.6 console I get command not found...is it something in Nerd Pack perhaps it came with?
  8. therapist

    Samsung SSD HBA TRIM

    Well there you go Next question is, can sg_unmap be used in place for TRIM on HBAs? does not look like unRAID has the sg_unmap command baked in
  9. therapist

    Samsung SSD HBA TRIM

    I was under the impression that HBAs in IT mode worked exactly like this, but somewhere along the line the mpt2SAS has reduced compatibility. There is a whole plugin dedicated to TRIM automation, I wonder how many users are out there & just don't realize it isn't working anymore. Not that it is the end of the world, but simply relying on internal GC for an SSD is not the best course.
  10. therapist

    Samsung SSD HBA TRIM

    I don't think this is necessarily the case as the LSI/Broadcom compatibility matrix lists (for sake of the topic) Samsung EVO drives as compatible with 9207 chipsets. As evidenced by my earlier tests, even an 840 PRO with DRAT is not working properly in later builds & I would imagine that there are plenty of users using earlier builds that had functioning TRIM with their EVO SSDs on HBAs. EDIT: https://docs.broadcom.com/docs-and-downloads/host-bus-adapters/IT_SAS_Gen_2.5CompatibilityList.pdf
  11. I am in the process of consolidating hardware & would like to move a RAID0 array into a VM with UD. What I have been doing in the past to passthrough a disk is use disk-by-id in the KVM template and this works just fine, but is labeled as Red Hat VirtIO SCSI disk device by Windows 10. If I create a RAID0 array with UD, can the array be passed through by using the root device ID? If I pass through say 5 disks instead, will Win 10 Storage Spaces allow creating of an extended array with the QEMU emulated disks?
  12. EDIT: moved to plugin specific forum
  13. therapist

    Samsung SSD HBA TRIM

    I don't think the 9211 cards were compatible with SSD TRIM at all....the 9207 was typically sought out as the card for SSD operation. It has more to do with LSI/Broadcom implementations than unraid. Just because @limetech has a "compatibility matrix" it doesn't mean that every combination of hardware is guaranteed to work. The end user has to do their due diligence. In my first post, I thought I was being pretty thorough...even buying additional hardware to try and make it work. Seems somewhere along the line the mpt2SAS driver has dropped TRIM support for the most commonly used drives? I am in the process of moving most of my drives to a direct attach backplane & will be experimenting more when done.
  14. therapist

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Nextcloud

    Basically, yes Ive had a love hate relationship with NEXTCLOUD & NginxPM finally got me to enjoy/actively use it
  15. therapist

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Nextcloud

    yes, I have it working perfectly