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  1. Отлично, продолжай в том же духе.
  2. Hi guys, need some help. I set up zfs-zed using this post Zed is working fine, but now my syslog full of this: Mar 6 07:41:54 unRaid zed[3601]: Invoking "" eid=82 pid=25649 Mar 6 07:41:54 unRaid zed: eid=82 class=config_sync pool_guid=0xD30AFB4571F3B450 Mar 6 07:41:54 unRaid zed[3601]: Finished "" eid=82 pid=25649 exit=0 Mar 6 07:46:57 unRaid zed[3601]: Invoking "" eid=83 pid=29036 Mar 6 07:46:57 unRaid zed: eid=83 class=config_sync pool_guid=0xD30AFB4571F3B450 Mar 6 07:46:57 unRaid zed[3601]: Finished "" e
  3. @Jcloud, please tell us about the support of the v3 protocol with this container.
  4. @jang430 you dont need new hardware you cpu has Intel® HD Graphics P630 it support 10-bit H.265 4K u need just to set-up unraid and plex/emby to use it Xeon silver 4108 is ~30% faster and have no iGpu. Did u set up iGpu transcoding or you dont use HD Graphics P630 at all?
  5. run these inside nextcloud docker container: cd /config/www/nextcloud/ sudo -u abc php7 occ files:scan --all
  6. Seems fixed, now i can edit that template. My test was to add new virtio drivers, press update - that worked, no problem Good job
  7. Then if i try to edit this VM and press update button - nothing happens.
  8. unRaid_Dashboard - Google Chrome 02.09.2018 22_53_34.mp4 This is what i found. If i edit manualy i440fx-2.1.1 to i440fx-3.0 result is the same. 6.5.3 Windows 10.xml
  9. Hi guys, i have some problems editing my vm template via gui. I make changes, then press Apply, and nothing happens. Tried to add virtio iso to vm, tried to swich i440fx from 2.11 to 3.0. Nothing worked, no errors, just nothing happens.. here is XML and diag. Windows 10.xml PS: my 6.5.3 xml from backup 6.5.3 Windows 10.xml PPS: i did some tests. Backed-up 6,6 xml to file, then deleted vm template from gui, recreated vm with my img file. VM does not boot (drops into uefi shell). Then i returned back 6.6xml using gui. 6.6 Windows
  10. I did another parity check, finished with no errors. Everything works fine. I keep watching log.
  11. what kind of tests should I do? Reconnect cable? Replace cable?
  12. Hi guys, i need some help. Some days ago i precleared then added old hitachi drive to my array, and now i see some errors during parity check. Parity is fine files are fine... Aug 13 00:32:49 unRaid kernel: ata6.00: exception Emask 0x0 SAct 0x8000000 SErr 0x0 action 0x6 frozen Aug 13 00:32:49 unRaid kernel: ata6.00: failed command: READ FPDMA QUEUED Aug 13 00:32:49 unRaid kernel: ata6.00: cmd 60/08:d8:c0:00:00/00:00:00:00:00/40 tag 27 ncq dma 4096 in Aug 13 00:32:49 unRaid kernel: res 40/00:01:00:4f:c2/00:00:00:00:00/00 Emask 0x4 (timeout) Aug 13 00:32:49 unRaid kernel: ata6.00: s
  13. What board do you have? Did you tried this? if you don`t need i915, try to edit you syslinux append line like this: append nomodeset initrd=/bzroot
  14. i915 is not loading by default! To activate it add this to go file if I turn i915 off, I cant use intel hd graphics for plex/emby hardware transcoding sorry for my English ?
  15. I see most of unraid boot process till the i915 driver is loaded. Screen becomes black near the final part of the boot process... If I don't load i915 (modprobe i915) everything works fine.