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  1. The "tainted" just means that you're using an OOT driver which isn't "officially" supported by the kernel, hence OOT. The usual culprits are the intel igb and the nvidia drivers. You may need to setup a syslog server so you can see what happens when you lose your system
  2. Well, just looked at your older diagnostics from the 5th of October. Nothing stands out in the configuration. Your syslog is spammed with multiple drive connection/resets/etc. Not sure if it's because of an actual connection issue or maybe it's your HBA card - should look into upgrading the firmware. Your syslog is seriously filled with those messages. You also have a lot of kernel panics towards the end which seemingly result in an OOM condition (odd since you have so much RAM). Maybe try booting in safemode and see if you're stable, then slowly enable dockers/VMs until you find the cause.
  3. Still, diagnostics right now could help shed some light on why it hung originally. At least give us an idea of your hardware (AMD needs some specific workarounds for example)
  4. I like the unbalance plugin. it lets you move data from one drive to another
  5. But it will take a long time to complete (several hours)
  6. No, it's under the SMART stats for the drive. It will test the entire drive and if it can read the entire drive successfully then it will report PASS, otherwise it will report a failure and you'll know to toss it.
  7. You could try an extended test and see if it passes
  8. That's your problem. You shouldn't throw drives around. Handle them gently. Seriously though, we would need diagnostics to know what is going on. Post them on the next reply
  9. Never used it but scanning over the differences, I would think just the Recovery Explorer Standard should be fine as each disk is it's own file system so you don't need a lot of those features like the RAID version. Let us know how it goes
  10. Google may be your friend here but if you do want to try to recover anything then you need to take your array offline so nothing else will be written to it. writes to that disk will overwrite data that *may* be recovered.
  11. yes, syslog shows disk was formatted. I suspect the emulated disk was showing as unmountable so they formatted it since it was a given option. That format option really needs to be moved somewhere else, like maybe within the individual drive's options, at least that way you have to work to find it!
  12. Also, several of your disks are overheating. Check cooling
  13. That will format the emulated drive and destroy the contents
  14. Did you format the emulated drive? that is NEVER part of the recovery/rebuild process