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  1. Yes, that is what I figured the problem was. I was just really wishing to find a fix to allow me to use 2 enclosures. The box's ID/serial number is appended to the end of the hdd (wd red) so all four look the same in the enclosure with the exception of the port and bay (maybe) identifier after that. Anyway, thanks
  2. You are correct. I have been hopping around between different posts trying to figure out my problem and must have confused it with another similar one where they were using USB for the interface. With all of that said, I have a very similar issue as the OP and getting nearly identical results as they had - just with different drive names and identifiers. When it was mentioned that there might be a bug in the way /dev/disk/by-id was being populated by udev, i wondered if there was confirmation of this or any other news. As for not using USB to connect drives - I understand the issues and concern; however I have no other means to add drives at this time. So it boils down to USB or nothing.
  3. Is this issue/bug going to be fixed? I'm experiencing the same issue with 2 identical USB 4-bay enclosures. Both enclosures/drives are identified and seen by the system but one enclosure does not appear in the drop-down. Just seeing if this will be fixed in the future or not.