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  1. I would second this.. Do you know at all if NPM is setup with GeoIP and how to go about enabling this?
  2. Had you been able to figure out how to get FAIL2BAN working with Nginx Proxy manager.. ? I am considering the move over but didn't want to as I have it working with SWAG...
  3. Hi all hoping someone might be able to help me out. After much digging I haven't been able to find an answer as of yet.. I am looking at switching over from SWAG to the Nginx Proxy manager.(NPM) But am wondering is there is a way to configure Fail2Ban. (forgive me if this is a stupid idea-- But am I able to leave SWAG installed and running and just map over the error log files and proxy_host log from NPM? ? if so which ones would I need to map to have the "nginx-http-auth, and nginx-badbots, nginx-botsearch, and nginx-deny" running properly with the NPM. Secon
  4. Hi all.. So I am wondering where would I go within UNRAID Docker Edit page for SWAG to add a Docker-Mod trying to enable It appears to have 3 enviromental variables I need to enable but not sure where I would put them.. or how they should be formatted. any help much appreciated
  5. So Glad that it works for you Yes Nextcloud is great. If your able to figure out the Fail2ban issues with bitwarden let me know....
  6. HI all thanks in advance for help. thought this question might be better suited here under SWAG as the issue is with the FAiL2BAN setup of ... So explanation of my situation. I am working on setting up FAIL2BAN for Bitdefender as well as EMBY (had been doing nextcloud but realized it has built in one so don't have to now). I have everything working in terms of the reverse proxy using spaceinvaders wonderful videos for support doing this. With the SWAG FAIL2BAN I have edited the jail.local to have the following additional under the default 4 jails. [bitwarden] enab
  7. Okay so I have been able to setup another regex... but it is having a weird response.... When I try logging into the reversed proxy multiple times past the "maxretry" amounts I don't get banned... but when i Reset the SWAG container then the bans take effect... I am not sure why or even where to go from here... any thoughts would be great
  8. I do not claim to be an expert at all... but based on your site.. it looks like a subdomain i am not sure if having the extra "." in between bitwarden.bclinton makes a difference.... try setting up with just a single subdomain like "bcclintonbitwarden " again not an expert at all with this.. rather just a trouble shooting step to consider...
  9. honestly Spaceinvaders are the best video that I have found... and use. Then alot of searching with the forums to find solutions... this is your first time setting up SWAG right? have you checked the logs... to ensure that you are getting a server ready as per the spaceinvader video... do you have nginx connected with anything else for remote proxy?
  10. you could also try using the SWAG .sample config file... but would need to ensure that you either remove the reverse proxy for /admin... as described in the pinned message on the top of this forum .. additionally you may want to consider once your done with the reverse proxy setting up fail2ban which is what I have been working on and just got sorted out. . (instructions on first page (bottom) of this help thread).
  11. Within the Bitwarden Docker template did you enable websocket ? by default it is now set to disabled... with the SWAG nginx .config file need to enable this...
  12. Another question.... I am wondering how I would go about creating a Docker Log rotation for the bitwarden.log used in the fail2ban setup I have found this attached at the pieter hollander site but am not sure where I would use such a thing within unraid.... or if it is even needed.
  13. I was actually able to get it to work with much digging. .. I found the following with some editing got the following to work to the jail.local [bitwarden-admin] enabled = true port = http,https filter = bitwarden-admin action = iptables-allports[name=bitwarden] logpath = /log/bitwarden.log maxretry = 2 bantime = 14400 findtime = 14400 in the Filter.d folder added bitwarden-admin.conf [INCLUDES] before = common.conf [Definition] failregex = ^.*Invalid admin
  14. I am talking actually about this section of the docker config page .