Docker container ignoring permissions?


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I created an unRAID user limited (id 1006) which I'm trying to use to limit write permission in docker containers that support PUID.


Can anyone explain the following behavior?


Launch EmbyServer shell with user nobody

# docker exec -u 99 -it EmbyServer sh

Create a file writable only by nobody

/ $ touch /media/TV/x
/ $ chmod go-w /media/TV/x
/ $ ls -l /media/TV/x
-rw-r--r--    1 99       root             0 Jan 11 11:35 /media/TV/x


Launch sonarr shell with user limited

# docker exec -u 1006 -it sonarr sh

Confirm I'm limited (id 1006):

$ whoami
$ grep abc /etc/passwd

Check permissions on the newly-created file:

(NOTE: /media/TV in EmbyServer and /tv in sonarr map to the same host path.)

$ ls -l /tv/x   
-rw-r--r-- 1 99 root 0 Jan 11 06:35 /tv/x

So the file should not be writable by current user abc - and yet:

$ rm /tv/x
$ ls -l /tv/x
ls: cannot access '/tv/x': No such file or directory

abc can delete it.


What's going on?

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18 minutes ago, itimpi said:

Have you checked the permissions on the containing directory?   I think that ‘wx’ permissions allows deleting files within the directory.

Thanks. A slight variation on your suggestion, I re-ran the test but with x as directory (rather than file) - same problem:


docker exec -u 99 -it EmbyServer sh
/ $ mkdir /media/TV/x
/ $ chmod go-wx /media/TV/x
/ $ ls -l /media/TV/ | grep 'x'
drwxr--r--    1 99       root             0 Jan 11 12:09 x

So directory x should only be writable by nobody

Let's see if that's true:

docker exec -u 1006 -it sonarr sh
$ whoami
$ grep abc /etc/passwd
$ ls -l /tv/ | grep x
drwxr--r-- 1 99 root      0 Jan 11 07:09 x
$ echo 'dodeedododeedo' > /tv/x/file.txt
$ ls -l /tv/x/file.txt
-rw-r--r-- 1 abc users 15 Jan 11 07:17 /tv/x/file.txt


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This is worse than I thought. 

I created a directory in the unraid console owned by root and not readable, writable or executable by anyone else:

mkdir /mnt/user/Download/TV/y
chmod go-wxr /mnt/user/Download/TV/y
drwx------ 1 root   root     20 Jan 11 18:49 y/

And apparently any user in my sonarr container (not set as privileged) can write to and delete from it freely.

This can't be intended behavior, can it?

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