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  1. Hello H20_King89 apologies not replying earlier. I have not been using freepbx for a while but noticed yesterday Dave Conroy (tiredofit) is still working on this docker which prompted me to see if the template was still applicable. Just compared the docker template at to make sure it was still correct. - looks OK Will give it a whirl tonight Others are using his docker, so you should have no issues getting it running, there are some known issues: (FROM TIREDOFIT
  2. The docker installed OK for me the first time and was able to login. **edit Freepbx 14 docker image takes a while to run first time round ... start it and leave it. From the docker author Dave Conroy: I'm a couple revisions away from being fully comfortable with this (I haven't yet moved it in a production mode yet myself) due to my modifications to let it run on a single database as I've noticed not all of the UCP modules fully work yet but I am definitely getting there. Enjoy! More info on this docker can be found here:
  3. There is now a FreePBX 14 xml template at the same place, this should give us persistence across container instances. Will test this later,
  4. This one is not my docker, still not had time to do much with my docker file, only just finished moving the 14 storage drives form ntfs. But this is a starting point planning on forking this docker then put it on the latest phusion base, just wanted some phones up and running over Christmas. Any feedback is welcome as we can look to fix / improve if needed. I think also long term it may be better to set up the docker network to allow freepbx to have its own ip as described here that will also allow for vlans if your switch/router supports it Maybe i could create tw
  5. I had a look around and there are more freepbx dockers out there so have taken a short cut to getting up and running on freepbx 13 with unraid. going to try mima84/docker-freepbx docker build. I knocked up a little xml so i could install through the unraid UI the container has persistence of data across container reboots but not across instances of the container. So if you modify the container once installed and a new container is created you will lose data. here is the location if anyone else would like to try
  6. Hello, Fist off thanks Binhex for providing this docker, i have been able to setup most things without issue but i do have a problem with setting the sabnzbd ip address in the downloaders section. Every time i change it from local host to the ip address i hit test it comes back successful i exit go back in and it is back to local host this is stopping me being able to setup a connection to sabnzbd. Anyone any ideas? I have gone and directly change the settings file to the ip address but its not picked up in the web interface, if i restart the doc
  7. Thanks Johnnie changed the share from high water to most free, see if that helps it was set to split on top level (which would be film title folder
  8. rebooted again started array this time I can see the shares Would like to know what caused it.
  9. Booted back into Unraid and no shares in the web interface... how do i get the shares back with the data?
  10. Ran memtest for three passes no errors The drives aren't full, i think that error was more down to access to the drives
  11. Hello, Whilst copying some files over from a mounted unassigned drive to a share via command line cp command I started to get "unable to write disk" "disk full" messages. When checking the web interface all the shares i created have disappeared. Looking at the log it seems i have a hardware issue but cant tell if its a disk or a controller, could i possibly trouble someone with more knowledge than I to take a look at my log file? I suspect a reboot will bring the shares back but thought i would wait. Attached log and diagnostics file also a scr
  12. Been offline for a long long while, Last week I fired up my Tower and now just migrating drives over to unraid (from flexraid) once this is done, i will look at this again with the latest version of freepbx. Hopefully i'll have an update in a couple of weeks. Is there a guide on creating the docker repo/xml for unraid?
  13. Ok so some success i now have freepbx running in a container on my laptop and it seems happy. I ran in to a couple of warnings when i first ran the container which were easy to resolve and i have put the steps i took on git hub, i will look into the reasons why i got those warnings and see if i can do anything about them. Apart from that i will do some actual testing with phones hopefully tomorrow. to give it a try run: sudo docker run --name freepbx -v /place/to/put/backup:/etc/freepbxbackup --net=host -d -t brownster/freepbx12021 changing /place/to/put/backup to some
  14. will have a look at doing that i will do a bit more playing first mapping the freepbx config directory would be good to keep it out the container and probably a few other directories. ** update ** Decided not to map a load directories as most of the info is stored in sql, so at the moment i just mount one folder to allow easy backup of freepbx i have exposed ports 5060 80 and 10000-20000. Still trying to decide best RUN command to use but something like: sudo docker run --name freepbx -v /place/to/put/backup:/etc/freepbxbackup --publish-all=true -d -t brownster/freepb
  15. solved it, freepbx now builds from the docker file Any suggestions on how to make it more unraid friendly? thanks