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  1. Sorry about that, pls check log attached now. tower-diagnostics-20191127-1920.zip
  2. Log is attached. copying data wont work.. tower-diagnostics-20191127-1854.zip
  3. Dint seem to work. Could you help me with exact commands pls?
  4. attached is the output of running : xfs_repair -v /dev/md5 in a putty session. or am i running a wrong command? Sorry not very good with these things so pls advice. putty.txt
  5. Attached is log for the test on disk5. Pls advice do i need to repair the file system on the disk? test.txt
  6. Log is attached as requested. tower-diagnostics-20191127-1411.zip
  7. Hello, I have an array of about 8 Disks, off which Disk 1 is disabled and needs replacing. While i will get to doing so in a few days, i just noticed i am unable to write any data to the array. It starts copying files but then slowly slows down and completely stops... Is this normal ? Previously with a disabled disk i am able to use the server just fine. any advice? Thanks
  8. HKR

    HDD Disabled

    Hello, I have one of my HDD disabled and when i try to start the array i just cant seem to get it enabled. It shows a red cross mark against that HDD. However that HDD passes all Smart tests. Is there anyway i can re-enable the HDD or what is my next course of action? Thanks
  9. Someone please advice, this issue is still present and i am unable to stop the array.
  10. I've attached the log, please take a look and advice. tower-diagnostics-20160203-2136.zip
  11. Since the past couple of days i have been facing this wierd issue where when i try to stop the array, it keep re-trying to un-mount shares and it goes on and on! It wont stop the array for hours and ultimately through ssh i have to manually initiate a shutdown/reboot. Since this reboots the system i am unable to get a log for this either... Any clues as to what could be wrong?
  12. Hello, i am unable to delete or move files created by the rutorrent docker, i mean the torrents i downloaded using rutorrent. I keep getting a Unix file permission error, those files can only be copy-pasted. And only deleted using the rutorrent interface or manually via ssh. Is there some file permission i could update to fix this? I am sure this is not the problem with the download dir as the deluge docker which i use, uses the same folder and those file can be moved just fine.
  13. I have attached 2 screenshots, please take a look. Under server setting no matter what Interface i select i cannot connect to the server.
  14. I understand that, i can connect to the webui just fine, i did not play around with any setting in the webui, i tried switching the network adapter setting in the 'server settings' however the connectivity test fails no matter what network host i select and i cannot connect to the server via VPN.
  15. Can i rule this out to be a port forwarding issue? As when i am in the same wifi network i can connect via VPN on my iPhone just fine, but when i switch off the wifi and try to connect it wont connect...