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  1. Hey, can you display the IP Address in the Webinterface when a IP Address is set a specific the Docker? See the picture in the Attachment as example. (pihole)
  2. Does someone have a prebuild 6.3.5 vmdk image? Thanks
  3. Hi Vaseer, this is not needed. You have to configure your nextcloud.
  4. Hello, first, great new features in 6.4 I would add a warning message when you change the SSL/TLS usage. When you hit Apply he shut down all VMs and Docker Containers without any Warning. It would be nice if there come a Warning that this happens. nice greetings from Germany, chvb
  5. I have the same Problem. Had to downgrade to 6.3.5. After that i have upgraded to 6.4.0-rc7a again. Now it works.
  6. Hello, I've added some Docker Templates: -Webgrabplus -TvhProxy -Collabora/Code
  7. For the DVBLink Docker you can now use a Softcam on a Intel System. I've tested it and it works well! Starting from build 14061/14072/14073 (depending on the platform - viewtopic.php?f=55&t=31285) DVBLink TVSource supports new plugin interface, called mdjapi. The plugins are only supported on intel-based platforms - e.g. Windows, Ubuntu, MacOS, all intel-based NAS models.The plugin spec comes from the original acamd author and was recently published here (spec is in English, site is in Dutch):https://www.sat4all.com/forums/topic/23 ... &p=2430476Another group of developers was working on the implementation of mdjapi for DVBLink. I have seen the pre-built binaries on a filedrop site at the following link (I do not know how long they will stay there):http://dropmefiles.com/B47VMThe plugins have to be put into <dvblink share directory>/mirror/sources/<your tvsource source>/plugins.
  8. Did you have add the extra Parameters? I use a SatIP Device. There is working everything fine.
  9. After hours of testing the DVBLink Docker is working without Problems. The Config Files are now in the Unraid share so the configuration is consistant. The DVBLink Docker is starting correctly after a restart. Enjoy it.
  10. see this thread: https://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=54568.msg521369#msg521369 cheers
  11. AMD Hardware should work also if your CPU supports AMD-Vi
  12. you can passthrough a Hard Drive: see here: https://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=42490.msg404648#msg404648