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  1. Hi, Just woke up... and my unRAID server (stable version, 6.1.9 I guess) seems to be completly down. Can't access the docker containers, no webUI, can't SSH or TELNET, and if I plug a screen and a keyboard I got the console with the login prompt and the "_" blinking but I can do nothing, keyboard is unresponsive. And it's hard to suspect anything, server has not been rebooted for a month, no change, no new docks or plugins etc. So the question is, how do I investigate the issue ? if I powerdown the server and plug the unRAID USB key into another computer, will I be able to access any logs? Any other/better solutions ? thanks
  2. Hi! I'm trying to send the unRAID syslog on a Observium server following this guide https://www.observium.org/docs/syslog/ I need to enable the OMPROG module on rsyslog confirguration, but the module itself is not present, it looks like rsyslog need to be compiled with "--enable-omprog" option. Do you think this would be doable ? And to make sure this solve the issue, is there any way to update/recompile rsyslog directly on my server ? Thanks!
  3. I think that min/max version tested cover every scenario, this is a common pattern in software development. And it also free LM to constrains themselves to something. If they want to add big thing for plugins that break compatibility, the min/max version will avoid any issue. It also fix issue in every way: for people running version N and getting plugins updates about version N+1, and people upgrading to N+1 while having lots of N compatible plugin. In both case, system will now knows, and prompt the user about the risks. I'd love to know what jonp think of the suggestion
  4. Yeah, changlog for Community Applications was somehow explicit, that's the only one I ended updated Since there's lot of community dev in here, what do you think of the mintested/maxtestedversion directly in the plugin file? It would solve most issue, right ?
  5. English is not my native language so I'm guessing that I'm not being clear enough because I've understood what you're saying, and this is not the issue I'm talking about :'( But I've also understood that while running 6.0.1 I could receive plugins updates that will make those plugins to stop working. I'll stop updating them until 6.1 is released then People running 6.0.1 needs to be informed about that imo.
  6. I'm talking about 6.0.1 backward compatibility, not 6.1 compatibility. I understand that those plugins are "use at your own risk" but pushing updates that aren't compatible is an issue, I hope we'll agree on that. That being said, maybe there's no way to fix that automagically, so maybe it's good time to add some sort of mintestedversion/maxtestedversion metadata in the plugin file.
  7. So how exactly those updates are handled by the update manager (in the webUI) ? I'm running 6.0.1 and some plugins I use are getting updates, I have to manually check with every plugin owner whether or not they included 6.0.1 compatibility ? or did the system hide those incompatible updates until I'm running 6.1 ?
  8. Are those changes backward-compatible or the community devs must explicitly deal with both 6.0 and 6.1 when they update their plugins?
  9. Make sure that your VM is automatically connected through the VPN, and when you want to RDP to that VM simply put yourself in the VPN before doing so ? Or maybe with dual LAN in your VM, so you can always access the VM from either network (VPN or local)
  10. Did you try with both plugged in at the same time ? I' not sure wether you can pass through with only one GPU. (At least with an iGP that doesn't work)
  11. Great! I just tried something from the command line, while a VM is running : 1. 2. reboot from VM > ram allocation updated. If "virsh define" is already used when we edit a VM from the webUI then everything may already be implemented?
  12. Hi, If we were able to edit a VM while the VM is running this would allow us to edit a VM from the VM (new settings applied after next reboot), removing the need to use another computer to do the changes. With the USB/GPU pass-through I think this would be pretty convenient. What do you think?
  13. How is the "network bridge" configured for your VM ?
  14. Isn't btrfs supposed to provide some sort of protection against that ? I really need to get more familiar with btrfs tools and features ^^ Anyway I'll check those solutions, thanks! would be nice to have one of those builtin, with a webUI integration
  15. READ ERRORS, Season 1 Episode 5 Parity Check is OK, and no read errors in the process... I really hate when it stop working and then work again without doing anything. Anyway I started an "advance" replacement from WD so I wont take any risk here. So last question, is there any way to "ask" the disk : "tell me which file is located at sector xxxx" ? (Since I have sector's list from syslog)