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  1. Air Video HD Anyone know how to firm up a Server Pin for remote access? I'd like to stop the docker from generating new PIN's that stop me accessing the server remotely. Thanks.
  2. Ok, I've sorted it now thanks. I deleted the docker, reinstalled it and added the OpenVPN files again. Seems to have done the trick this time. I'm back up and running again.
  3. As from this morning my SABnzbdVPN docker no longer works. I didn't change anything and am wondering if I now need to make changes due to the update? I have automatic updates enabled. This is the docker log: I tried reinstalling the OpenVPN file from Torguard, but it did not help. Any ideas?
  4. I have gone back to 6.2.1 and all works again...
  5. I've had the same issue upgrading to 6.3.0. I am running a Nvidia GT720. The VM works when run with a VNC but not when the GPU is selected on the template. I tried the old "options snd-hda-intel enable_msi=1" but no joy. Any ideas on this? This setup worked fine until I upgraded.....
  6. Yes Neil. In the preferences of the MKV programme, you have to change the completed destination folder otherwise the docker image fills up... I did this, but failed to notice that it was reverting back again after restart. A reinstall of the docker seemed to solve it
  7. That 's tickled me..... Has anyone ever tried to get Sky TV working in the UK with the OMNIKEY 3121, Oscam and TVHeadend? Just wondered if it was still possible to do with the updates to encryption........
  8. I shall visit CHBMB's Shrine and make a suitable donation to the media God
  9. How big is the update? Because mine is constantly showing an update available but when I update it, it's the grand total of 0 bytes. The "update" may not be the cause of your problems. Hi Neil Guess who forgot to put the "--device=/dev/dvb" into the extra parameters of the unstable docker after reinstalling? You're right again mate. It wasn't the phantom update, it was me being a nugget! Sniper told you that we all have our moments So now I'll just ignore the "Update available" and get on enjoying my setup. Cheers
  10. Hi Saarg I'm having a problem with an update to the TVHeadend Unstable Docker. I have an update available showing that keeps returning even after updating. If I do the update the system becomes somewhat unstable, with the sound becoming intermittent or even unavailable. If I then delete the docker and reinstall it, all works well, but with an update available showing. Any ideas? Thanks
  11. The pulse eight adapter works perfectly with the VM. We've all made the same mistakes lol
  12. Your setting in tvheadend needs to be /recordings The same as your path in the docker settings. Hope that helps