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  1. Just reposting this. Has anyone seen this error my log is full of it, switching to SMB it obviously works fine but with NFS shares setup it doesn't work. libnfs error: NFS: Lookup of /TV/SHOWNAME/.nomedia failed with NFS3ERR_NOENT(-2) Any help appreciated?
  2. Hi everyone, Just bought a new cpu to upgrade my unraid box. ark.intel.com/products/129937/Intel-Core-i5-8600-Processor-9M-Cache-up-to-4_30-GHz But I think my motherboard doesn't support it. www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-Z170MX-Gaming-5-rev-10 Anyone have any ideas? I think I need a 370 board? If this is the case anyone have any recommendations for a board if I need to change the board out? Thanks everyone....
  3. Getting a bunch of NFS errors on this docker as per the below. Anyone else using NFS shares having the same problem? SMB Is perfectly fine and there is nothing in my unraid syslog about this that would relate. libnfs error: NFS: Lookup of /MEDIA failed with NFS3ERR_NOENT(-2)
  4. Hi everyone just trying out playing hevc files of my unraid box and experience alot of buffering. Tv is a Sony 2018 Android tv and I am run kodi and spmc. The tv is connected via ethernet and the unraid box is hard wired as well. I have played the file directly on a PC not streaming from the unraid box and the file is ok. The drive it's on is a ST31500341AS which is quite old. Is it possible the drive is struggling to keep up and is there any tests you can run on the disk or CPU to see if it's struggling to keep up to eliminate them as the issue ?? Any help appreciated.
  5. Has anyone managed to add a share folder to piwigo? I believe you can symlink the relevant folder to the piwigo picture folder and re sync the album's. Has anyone done this? Or have an alternative photo management software.
  6. I have been using this docker for a while without issue. As of late I am getting the below entry in my sys log. I can't access the WebUi for kodi headless and in the options for the docker the web ui is not listed. Anyone else having this trouble? I have tried latest and krypton branches and also deleted the docker image but still no web ui option and can't access the panel. Any help appreciated. ____________ May 2 16:45:43 Tower kernel: docker0: port 1(vethee14e6e) entered disabled state May 2 16:45:43 Tower kernel: device vethee14e6e left promiscuous mode ____________
  7. Love the plugins thanks for the hard work! One question though any chance of a htpc manager plugin which support sonarr?
  8. Yes that's straightforward so I disconnected all switches connected to the board. It was up for 11 hours, competed a parity check and then had one stream going and I was deleting some files from the sever and it restarted twice in the space kg 5 minutes. I am at a bit of loss but in a last ditch attempt I am running a memtest and will see what happens. Failing that I'll try safe mode. The only thing I noticed was the CPU is quite high and often peaks to 100% when sabnzbd is working Is it possible if the CPU gets high that it would hard reset?
  9. Just to recap on this... Server specs are: Patriot 8GB DDR4 Ram Single Stick Intel BX80662G4400 Gigabyte H110M-H 4 Disks (1 Cache SSD, 1 Parity and 2 Storage drives) Here are the known symptoms: / Things happening 1) Server reboots randomly about every 4 - 10 hours 2) Its a complete hard unsafe reboot as nothing is logged in the syslog about it shutting down it seems to just be literally resetting (I have verified this by storing syslog temporarily on the cache drive) 3) I have swapped CPU, Memory, Motherboard, Power Supply and USB Stick 4) I have also changed the power board and power point the server is plugged into The only things I can think of to move forward and this where I need your help please - 1) Plugins (NOT SURE HOW???) - Currently have Phaze Sab, Sickbeard and Plex and Unassigned Devices, Powerdown Package, Fix Common Problems Dynamic Active Streams and Nerd Tools 2) Disks full (Would this cause a reboot?) - My two disks are 94% and 97% full 3) Bad RAM (Will run memtest tonight!) - RAM seems to be fine and not operating at full capacity 4) CPU Load (Not sure how to test this is there a way to log CPU to cache drive so I can check it?) - CPU Usage seems a bit high as everytime I restart the array it runs a parity check and Sab and Sickbeard kick in. Would CPU being high 90% + cause it to hard reboot for any reason? 5) Faulty reset switch on the case itself?
  10. No pets in the house and no haven't been able to see it happen unfortunately it's very random. No brown out's either the server is connected to a power board and I have swapped that to plus everything else is running fine. I have now removed the server from the power board and have plugged it direct into the wall. Is there a way to run a CPU load / heat test and log this to cache drive? Syslog is completely blank which indicates no hardware issues but I would like to log the state of the system and capture it when it reboots. Does anyone know how to do this?
  11. Ok so its not the power supply or the usb stick or the power cord, I repalced everything and its still rebooting. Nothing in syslog what test can i run like cpu load test or similiar?
  12. Hi everyone, My unraid server every 4 or 5 hours reboots for no reason. I managed to store my syslog on the cache drive temporarily so I could see if anything gets logged in the lead up to the reboot. But there is nothing in the syslog at all the only thing in it is when it reboots again so it seems like its just being hard reset hence the no logging of anything. Could it be the power supply and is there any load test or similar I could do on it? I have just recently replaced the motherboard, CPU and ram but it was doing this before that hence my suspicion on the power supply. Any help / ideas appreciated.
  13. lostincable


    Hey all, I have been running unraid for a long time and know getting the house hard wired for ethernet as I am sick of cable rolling around the house and buffering 1080p over wireless. We are getting around 3 -4 hard wired ethernet outlets in each of our rooms all of which are being wired back to a 24 port patch panel in a 6RU cabinet. I am looking for some recommendations for the following - 1) A decent quality switch. Don't want to spend a fortune but also don't want junk. Its going in a 6RU cabinet? 2) For the standard home setup will have the unraid server + all home devices connected to the one switch degrade performance both internally and externally to the LAN? Any help appreciated!
  14. Hi all, I have had to move my unraid box and a windows machine from my office whilst it is renovated. There is no way I can get ethernet cables into the room I have both these boxes in now and it is only temporary. With the windows box I have a wireless dongle which is picking up internet wirelessely obviously the unraid box can not accept a wireless dongle as it doesn't have the drivers for it. What I wanted to know if there is a way to connect my Unraid box to the windows box via ethernet and use Internet Connection Sharing to give the unraid box internet access and if so what ip's etc would need to be assigned to do this? To summarise - PC 1 - Windows 7 Wireless dongle providing internet connection Ethernet port connected to the unraid machine PC 2 - Unraid Server Ethernet cable connected to the windows machine Any help appreciated....
  15. Just bumping this thread up... Been offline for a while and have had the server switched of. I have the server back on now but this problem exists. Any ideas or is the data well and truly gone? Thanks!