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  1. Great thanks for the quick reply thats got it running again Do you know if it will be posted on here when the problems resolved? Thanks
  2. Sounds like i'm having a similar problem Minecraft server was running fine until I did the update now I can't connect to it unless i turn on "privileged" is this likely to cause any problems? Thanks
  3. If its any help, this is how mine looks for the 2nd HDD thats passed through /dev/disk/by-id/ata-WDC_WD10EZEX-00BN5A0_WD-WMC3F2418
  4. Hi thanks taking the time to reply I've done quite a lot with unraid and love it but I am still very much learning and unless I can find a tutorial or the likes sometimes struggle, I'm sure I read somewhere someone suggested that it wasn't a good idea to have them hibernate and after finding apsupsd thought it was the ideal solution, but unfortunately for me for whatever reason it a causes a major problem after auto shutdown. I'm still recovering the VM and will look at your suggestion in the future.
  5. OK i've got the VM running again but had to use a backup image, restarting unraid is not enough, the server needs to be shutdown and have the power removed only then will it work with the backup, just replacing the image and restarting the server is not enough, I tried apcupsd again but this time installed not as a service so i could start it manually, but again after apcupsd shut down the VM it lost the GFX and was unable. Hope this helps anybody else trying the same thing (make a backup first) I can't spend anymore time on this and will just let unraid shutdown the vm as it goes off.
  6. Right, I've tried replacing the VM image with an older backup, still does not boot, after several retries it sometimes boots to the windows recovery screen but is unable to repair the startup but the funny thing is i can change the GFX to VNC and it boots up ok, I then passed the sam GFX card through to a different VM, it boots fine and displies on the monitor 😣 so i'm assuming the GFX card is ok? don't know if there any connection but this only happened after if was shut down via apcupsd, I can't understand it as I thought replacing the img file to an older one it would undo any changes I might have made. I have been using this VM10 as my daily driver for about a year and it's been rock solid, can I start a new vm with the original GFX card and use the old img file so I don't have to start from scratch or does anyone have any suggestions how to repair the broken VM?
  7. Changed the CONFIG and it shut down after 10secs so that worked well but now when I start the VM in unraid it boots up with no display, unraid says its running but the monitor just goes to sleep. 😬
  8. Right i've edited the config file and restarted, at first i was getting 2 icons in the task bar but I seam to have gotten that sorted but unfortunately it dusen't shutdown the VM, I first tried setting the batt% to 95 and running the UPS below this and then adding TIMEOUT to 10 but both ways it still doesn't shut down I will attach the config file if someone had time to have a look and see if is setup correctly. apcupsd.conf
  9. OK thanks for your help, i'll give it a go.
  10. ah ok yes found the file, will I get a gui after I edit the config file or does it just run in the background?
  11. Help Please I have an APC UPS connected via USB to unraid and configured to shut down unraid in the event of a power cut but the problem i'm having is getting the W10 VM to shut down before unraid shuts it down I have downloaded and installed Apcupsd but when i try to run the program it just quickly flashes on the screen and disappears, I can go to the program folder and run the Apctray then using the unraid ip get the ups status What am I doing wrong as I can not see anywhere to configure the shutdown time for the VM? Should there be a GUI like this? Thanks
  12. No I gave up but managed to get some of the onboard USB passed through.
  13. No problem, i've had a lot of help from this community, good to know I've given a little back.
  14. Thanks Seems like it might be an issue with the Crucial MX500 as other people are having the same problem.