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  1. After some research, Crashplan Business still seems like a good deal. Crashplan Home was just a fantastic, market-beating deal. Folks like those at r\Datahoarder that were getting cheap storage for 40+ TB probably ruined it for us. A lot of alternatives aren't unlimited, or like Backblaze and others, have limited file retention and file versioning. SpiderOak is an option for many, and I keep paying because I managed to snag an unlimited account during a limited time offer they ran, but I barely use it. The app is lousy and after catching it several times not updating a handful of files I lost a bit of confidence. But, if someone brings a docker in house, I'll probably give it a shot. Maybe under linux it's more reliable. If not, Crashplan Business it is... Also, syncthing has a docker too, I use that to backup some work files to UNRAID for Crashplan to then send to the cloud. Clunky but reliable so far. Syncovery may be superior, haven't tried it. EDIT: SpiderOak could probably run in a VM as well, but I hate to add the overhead of a VM just for SO.
  2. I can't verify what his source might be, but a blog and contributor to Wirecutter (who had endorsed Crashplan) is saying that even the local and peer to peer backup functions of the app will cease to function in Oct, 2018.
  3. Worked like a charm. Community Applications is like living in the future. Thank you for the assistance!
  4. I was on unRAID 6.2.1, possibly 6.1.9 but pretty sure I'd updated to 6.2.1, and then I updated to 6.2.2. That went as normal. I rebooted. Took a long time (I eventually went to bed) for the web interface to come back up. Doing some update to Docker I thought I'd read in some notes somewhere, didn't think much of it. But now starting the array seems to go fine, but Docker was missing. I go to its Settings page and its listed as Stopped. Strange. I notice this: Oct 30 14:49:50 Tower emhttp: shcmd (360): set -o pipefail ; /usr/local/sbin/mount_image '/mnt/cache/docker.img' /var/lib/docker 10 |& logger Oct 30 14:49:50 Tower root: /mnt/cache/docker.img is in-use, cannot mount Oct 30 14:49:50 Tower emhttp: err: shcmd: shcmd (360): exit status: 1 I try to take down the array and try it again, but it gets stuck in a loop of trying to unmount disks. "/mnt/cache: target is busy" I've already removed several plugins, and updated to 6.3.0-rc3 hoping it'd fix a bug somewhere. No luck. I saw something in another thread suggesting re-seating the SATA cables, so I did that as well. Also took the USB stick unRAID resides on and had a Windows machine check it for errors. Any suggestions? Any way to boot to safe mode headlessly? I'm not sure if its an unRAID issue, Docker, or something to do with the cache drive. SMART data didn't look suspicious, though. tower-diagnostics-20161030-1454.zip
  5. Thanks for this, was just looking in to Owncloud, discovered it was abandoned by most of it's devs in favor of nextcloud. I think I'll wait to switch over from a traditional cloud provider though for my data until you're not calling it beta any more, though. Especially if conversion won't be easy/supported down the road. Do you plan to integrate Mariadb like I think I saw was done with the Owncloud docker?