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  1. I seem to be getting "Download of appfeed failed. " tonight. I tried updating, I tried changing DNS settings, and Ive tried reboots of the server and router. Is the feed down or is it something else I need to fix with my config?
  2. So it would seem like I can just disable iommu and it should work? Is that something in unraid, or the bios?
  3. I've got a poweredge t20 running unraid, and I got a 5th drive for it, as well as a startech 2 port Sata card. My issue is though it only seems to read the 4 drives connected to the mobo. However in the bios the drive connected to the Sata card is listed as a boot device (s0) but doesn't seem to be recognized as a drive. Do I just have a defective card? I'd think not since it shows as a boot device. I've seen people add more drives to these, and I think dell even says it can do 6 drives. So what am I missing? Do I need to update the bios or something? Says the last update was 2014 an
  4. Is there anyway to set this up for rails development? Im guessing not, since it would need to install packages, and those dont stick around.
  5. Ive also had the issue described above for a while now. Just stops responding and I need to restart it, then it works
  6. Is there anyway to get this to use the development branch of mylar?
  7. Looking forward to seeing this up and running