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  1. Howdy, When starting the Docker it uses about 0.02% CPU and 40Mb RAM. After connecting via Web interface it's using about 0.07% CPU and 175Mb RAM. Hours after converting a 50min Video which was about 1gb in size it uses about 1400Mb of RAM. Might there be an issue with RAM not being cleared? And is there an easier way to prevent this than restarting the docker container manually after i'm done? I haven't found the "Shutdown" or "Reboot" options after conversion is done in Handbrake. Greetings, Haldi
  2. I've mainly used inHome Streaming on my Surface Pro3, but I've also used it for a short while on my Minix Z64w with Atom 3735F which was 100$. It worked. I agree that RDP is not usable for gaming. But for normal windows tasks I prefer it over VNC any time.
  3. Hi, I have a verry specific question to this usage with two GPU's. Is it possible to passtrough two GPU's and then use Crossfire? Would it be possible to switch the GPU's from 1 per VM to both GPU's on one VM or is this configuration done before the VM setup and can't be changed aterwards. If you can change it, does it support PCI-E Hotplug in the VM or you need to restart the VM for it to take effect? Greetings, Haldi
  4. Hi, I'm a little late to the party but after reading all posts in this thread i have one more specific question. Does unRaid support ULPM on never AMD GPU's ? Ultra Low Power Mode is activated when two AMD GPU's are used in Crossfire mode and the 2nd GPU is not used. In this usage case the dedicated GPU is not in use when the VM is turned off and could switch to ULPM mode. If the Kernel supports it. Greetings, Haldi