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  1. I have a crazy idea that I want to do.... I have both a IBM M1015 and M5015. The M1015 is in IT Mode (JBOD) and is running in my 24Bay SuperMicro 4U Chassis (SAS Backplane) Connected with a single SFF-8087 Cable HDDs Installed 12 1TB SAS 7.2k 4 600GB SAS 10k 4 450GB SAS 15k 2 500GB SATA 1 600GB SATA 1 3TB SATA Now, I only have about 6TB of storage in use. But if I can avoid transferring data around, I would like to. I would like to put my M5015 back into good use and MAYBE do a silly hybrid RAID unRaid system. Now, my M5015 cannot do JBOD mode at all. I'm thinking of setting up 3TB Max RAID0 or 5 v-disks. Make the system a little bit quicker with some heavy hitting issues. Would also like to get MEGA-Raid working though it as well, but I've read that is quite hard to setup in Slackware. I do so that I have use the MEGA-Raid interface for predictive failure analysis. Which I currentrly cannot get working. Am I crazy?
  2. Well, I got the tool installed but when i try to run it, I get this: -bash: /usr/bin/screen: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error
  3. Wow... it's funny how I got case inconsistencies from the GUI and console. You guys were correct. Thank you!
  4. I got a used powerconnect switch but I cannot access the webGui on it. So, I'm trying to console into it via serial port and my unRaid box is the only thing i have with a serial port. And I do not have a serial port emulator. Screen appears to be missing from the base OS. Any idea how install it? I've never touched slackware. Always been a DEB guy....
  5. SOLVED Trying to hone my Linux-Fu and run my plex server on a separate machine. It is running Linux Mint 18.2. I have exported and setup my NFS Shares on unRaid properly but I'm running into the following issues when running "mount -a". NOTE: Doing a straight mount command from bash works properly. I would love to get this to automount during a reboot. I know that I also have to wait for the network to become "active" before letting it try to mount. Not sure how to do that! /etc/fstab Front Linux Server: unRaid Log:
  6. I keep getting this problem with port 53 for the DNS server. I'm unsure how to correct it...
  7. I have a disk that shows that it has failed with a read error. Smart Data shows that the disk is just fine.... What do I do? I've read the documentation for my major version (6.2.4) and it does not describe in good detail what I do in this kind of situation.
  8. Disk 9 was excluded from all user shares. It was a SSD that I desperately needed to repurpose into something else. I would of just ran and got a SSD from Best Buy or something but for some odd reason, they were cleaned out of all SSD's except for the 1TB(ish) ones. I was doing the transfer via CIFS and I know this practically cuts the available bandwidth in half. I'm not using Jumbo Frames or anything fancy. And it was a single large file. It was a vDisk for a VM that needed to be moved off. Yes, the VM was powered off. Also, it was a Copy and Paste, not a cut and paste. I eventually stopped it and ran Dolphin and copied the file that way. Then it went as fast as the hard drive could write. FYI - I have acquired a new SSD and dropped it in. It is running as a cache device formatted with BTRFS. The rest of the drives are running XFS which I'm in the process of changing to BTRFS... One by One... And transfers and now speedy via CIFS.
  9. While i have not been getting this exact error, I'm seeing quite a bit of "Silent corruption" that I monitor with a checksum addon. Just wait for it to finish and it will create a Lost+Found folder. I'm actually in the process of changing over to BTRFS, though ZFS would of been a nice addition.
  10. Can anyone explain to me why Unraid is doing this? I'm in version 6.1.9 I'm doing a copy and paste of a drive that is going to be removed. This disk is not part of any share. It is called Disk9. I'm copying all the info into a user share though. Also, it nearly consumes my entire RAM with cached info when it is not even doing anything.
  11. I'm smoked if I don't have a backup of my NAS, correct?
  12. I think it would be grand if you could set aside some of the cache pool as a read cache. This would allow me to truly use unraid to store all my steam games. They KEY here is that i would not have to move the games around. It will see a trend of what I'm getting on a regular basis and start to store that in the read cache for faster access.