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  1. No worries i put it to the one prior to the update, rebooted all was ok then as soon as i Enable docker No - Enable docker Yes i get the error so its not my card or server So i guess its wait and see
  2. Im having an identical Problem and am being advised its my card that works in other machine's and shows up in My UnRaid then disappears. If you find a fix please let me know :))
  3. The mining machine is mining and I don’t think the card in that will fit in my R720XD just seems odd when I install the plugin it’s all ok card is there as soon as I disable and enable docker it instantly says No Devices Found in the plug-in and I get the NVRM: GPU 0000:42:00.0 RmInitAdapter failed so I’m convinced it’s not my hardware as it all works and did work fine until after that update I give up tbh I’ll wait till it’s fixed I guess and say wasn’t my server / GPU as I’m Not the only person with the issue :-/
  4. Yes we installed UnRaid on the Gaming Machine, Yes the Card showed up and yes it showed in the Plugin... but nothing on that machine to test as was just set up to see if the card was visible etc as its not my machine Not saying there is a problem was showing what was in the logs after i removed it Id just like to get to the bottom of this as someone else is having the same issue i think. All was working Fine then an Update then its stopped working. Iv tested the card it outputs and games Fine... It shows up in a Fresh UnRaid - Plugin. I put the card back in mine its fine it shows instal
  5. removed Plugin Jul 1 22:30:44 R720XD emhttpd: cmd: /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.plugin.manager/scripts/plugin remove nvidia-driver.plg Jul 1 22:30:44 R720XD root: plugin: running: anonymous Jul 1 22:31:01 R720XD kernel: docker0: port 1(veth049e849) entered disabled state Jul 1 22:31:01 R720XD kernel: veth6194793: renamed from eth0 Jul 1 22:31:01 R720XD avahi-daemon[12225]: Interface veth049e849.IPv6 no longer relevant for mDNS. Jul 1 22:31:01 R720XD avahi-daemon[12225]: Leaving mDNS multicast group on interface veth049e849.IPv6 with address fe80::5468:5dff:fe57:d2c7. Jul
  6. Guess Who's back... OK GPU Works in a gaming machine flat out, It also works in UnRaid IE Shows UP and in the plugin. So i put it back in my server, work's fine! Then i install the Plugin Card Shows up, Ver No, GUID Etc. Then i Re Enabled docker And Boom that same fault in logs Web - GUI locks up and freezes :( So Deffo Not the GPU or Server as it only happens when i install Plugin and or Re Enable Docker. More than Happy to assist with this via teams or what ever :) Logs below in order of time. Before shut down, Re boot, Install plugin, re enable docker etc :) r720xd-diagnosti
  7. This is what mines doing Also! ill let you know in another one :)
  8. I know mate i'm at a los we will try a fresh UnRaid and slap the GPU in, And see what happens ill come back to you with the findings
  9. Not really No and I don’t have a spare USB now I’m not at home and this is my mates gaming machine, So I’ll have to leave the card here and he will set UnRaid up when he has 5 mins but I’m 99.6% certain it’s not my hardware / server at fault 😜 I’ll come back to you maybe a Day or Two
  10. Ok GPU is working and have been smashing games on it for 2 hours no sweat, So deffo Not the Graphics Card :-/
  11. OK ill have to set up UnRaid on the tower as the R710 and supermicro servers wont take a GPU! i'm working till 1800 UK Time so ill have a play tonight... Its just strange that its stopped working 1 hour after that update ;(
  12. i put it in the machine and installed windows 10 on it and installed the drivers and the card showed up all ok and worked on external display, GUI if i click say Plugin's or Stats tabs i get the 3 wavy orange lines and it does nothing, totally standard unraid i don't play about with it, nvidia-smi: command not found, Honestly it has been working perfectly fine till that nvidia driver update Emby has worked and the card has transcoded everything correctly. On the 22nd about 10am UK time i went onto unraid and the GUI was weird and laggy and like locked up so i rebooted and was the same. So i re
  13. Sorry the Nvidia Driver updated 22nd June according to telegram, Yes the GUI does lockup so i had to MC in and remove the Nvidia plugin and now it does not lock up and no Error in the logs. When i re install the plugin i get this - R720XD kernel: NVRM: GPU 0000:42:00.0: RmInitAdapter failed! and the GUI locks up. Card Works iv tested it in my mining machine. yes i tried latest and the option below that.
  14. Its all been working 100% OK No Issues till the NVIDIA Plugin UpDated, transcoding was fine also multiple streams. Its in a Dell R720XD Server with 2 1100w PSU's, Card works fine I don't believe this to be a hardware fault at all.
  15. 100% its the nvidia plugin as i removed it my GUI doesn't lock up and NO Errors, Re install the plugin and it fails with the same error in the log's r720xd-diagnostics-20210623-1209.zip