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  1. great! I was only curious as the container is running an older version of Wekan so I wasn't sure if it was still maintained/updated. It does seem to work very well! Have you looked into a method to make it run on https connections? if i attempt to use an https:// in the URL setting, I get an SSL not supported error message.
  2. Sorry to dig up an old thread but is this still the best way to get Wekan on my unraid box?
  3. Sorry to resurrect such an old post but i decided to try SteamOS out last night and have this exact same issue.....did you ever happen to get to a resolution of the issue here?
  4. Hi There, I have been having random lockups since updating to 6.3.2. Not really at a stage where i can blame the upgrade itself, server was extermely stable, then upgrade and reboot of 6.3.2 and ever since has not been stable. I have enabled troubleshooting mode in fix common problems as of today, will report back with logs next time the problem occurs. I do have this picture of the kernel message from the crash to start off with. More to come when next lockup occurs...
  5. See attachment for my diagnostics dump. PC Partpicker link for hardware listing http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/TZ28HN I have run the Common problems plugin, only thing it pointed out was update checks of plugins/dockers was not enabled, i remedied that. I have turned on troubleshooting mode in common problems plugin, will now wait for problem to occur again. As of right now, not on a UPS yet. The system is just new (still on trial license) and haven't purchased one yet. Have very stable power and no power issues that have affected anything else in the house. That being said, UPS is top of the shopping list. Should have it soon. diagnostics-20161031-2238.zip
  6. Hi all, I am looking for some help diagnosing mysterious reboots of my unraid system. there is no errors or anything, honestly the only way i know is that my uptime resets. It is on a fairly new build, so this could be hardware related, config related. I am just wondering from the experts how i would go about troubleshooting the issue. Thanks!
  7. When i do this, my sickrage can no longer communicate with sabnzb...what have i done wrong? Using the delugevpn docker container and pointing sickrage at privoxy on that docker...
  8. Thanks thats basically the push i needed over the edge to suck it up and maintain a two machine system for the time being. I have worked through a build located here: http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/xJF8QV Any concerns you see there? I already have an ICY dock 5 in 3 that i will put into that case for hot swap ability. I can't justify spending hundreds on a case for something like this. The seagate 8TB archive drives are slightly cheaper, what is the consensus on here on archive vs nas disks? Thanks again!
  9. Hi folks, Apologies, this will be rather long. I am looking for help with two specific questions: -am i a candidate/does it make sense to consolidate onto a single machine, Gaming/NAS combo? if so, what can i use from my old computers to limit what i need to spend? -if it makes sense to keep using two machines, i would love some help configuring an unraid system with around 16tb of storage that can handle 4 simultaneous plex transcodes, SAB, sickrage, teamspeak Here i will list the components i currently have that i think may be able to be used in the future, if it makes sense: My existing nas contains the following: intel e6700 cpu on eva nforce mobo 4gb ram 6tb usable space over 8 drives areca 1222 card with 512mb cache currently in raid 6 My existing gaming machine contains the following: intel 3930k c1 (no vt-d support) in Asus p9x79 deluxe board 16gb ram 240gb SSD dual 580gtx cards I am excited to make the move to unraid6 to manage my storage needs. What would you the experts suggest someone like myself do? Thanks in advance!
  10. How's the build going? I have been watching for updates as I am wanting to do nearly the exact same use case as you.