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  1. Indeed, no need for a GUI as this is quite advanced, but please get virgl enabled
  2. Upgrading the BIOS and the kernel fixed the issue for me.
  3. Can you please get this implemented? It shouldn't be hard, just a couple of compile flags.
  4. Okay, thank you. Feel free to mark as solved mods
  5. Is the disk just old and needs replacing? Report attached. Thanks in advance. ST4000DM000-1F2168_Z305F2AK-20190514-1239.txt
  6. No, the WD was 97 MB/sec avg The 1MBPS one was Seagate. The parity (which is no longer pre-clearing successfuly) is Seagate as well.
  7. This topic can be closed and marked as solved. The issue was with the hard drive. 3 drives suddenly started to give SMART errors. One is super slow (1mbps) even in another PC, one I can't fix with seatools, and the other one I'm running seatools long fix to see if I can still use it. Never buying Seagate again. All 3 drives were from different batches, from Seagate (the parity as well).
  8. Since Unraid no longer has a valid parity device, what would be the appropriate way to replace this hard drive?
  9. /dev/sdb: 2 MB/sec avg /dev/sdc: 97 MB/sec avg /dev/sdd: 142 MB/sec avg /dev/sde: 156 MB/sec avg /dev/sdf: 166 MB/sec avg /dev/sdg: 430 MB/sec avg
  10. I'm running it, and it's taking a long while for sdb. Seeing the disk speeds - it's probably the culprit.
  11. No I haven't run any tests myself recently. These dashboard warnings only started showing up recently, the server had a couple of abrupt poweroffs in the last 2 days. What's the recommended way to keep my data intact since parity is no longer valid? I have spare PCs. Should I replace Disk 2, build a new array (with the rest of the disks) and move the data from disk2 back in manually?
  12. Here you go. nas-diagnostics-20190116-1449.zip