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  1. @wbsmolen - I agree- I think it is unrelated to this particular BIOS issue. I found this post about an x570 earlier in this thread to confirm it's probably not this issue, but it also may be related to your problem... ? Good luck.
  2. There were some x570's that had the issue... can't remember which ones. However, you should be good with any BIOS after November 2019. Anything this version or later: AGESA AMD BIOS version Patch B (1004 B) fixes
  3. @mojotaker - Agree with @boris. It sounds unrelated to the pass-through issues. If this is the first time you are using the GPU for pass-through, you may need to double-check the Vbios is properly set up. Use this as a reference:
  4. Woo hoo! Glad it worked for you. I understand being hesitant to update the BIOS, but I think having an up-to-date BIOS, if not the latest, is super important. Cheers.
  5. Thanks for responding with the updates on the latest mobo BIOS tests, @klingon00, @boris, @juan11perez, @dodgypast, and others. Sounds like the AGESA AMD BIOS version Patch B (1004 B) is fixing this pass-through issues for folks across the board (pun intended) for x370 and x470 mobos! So, after 9 months from this issue first popping up, AMD has solved it! Better late than never... Just a note: if you update to this latest BIOS from a working old BIOS your CPU pinnings and IOMMU groups will change, so you will have to update your UnRaid configurations.
  6. @cgi2099 - It sounds like this was the issue causing your errors. Downgrading your motherboard BIOS fixed it, there is a new patch from AMD that is having success so you can update your BIOS to this version: AGESA AMD BIOS version Patch B (1004 B). It started rolling out in BIOSes after late November 2019.
  7. Wanted to throw out there: I upgraded my BIOS to the latest Patch B (version 7B77v1D for my mobo), my GPU pass through with the MSI x470 Gaming M7 AC and a Ryzen 2700x now works without a hitch! Of course, the CPU Pinning numbers did change in addition to some IOMMU groups. Edit - Did this after upgrade to Unraid 6.8.0. If you have been listening to this thread, waiting to update your motherboard BIOS because of this issue, I think it's a safe time to try if your manufacturer has that latest version. per MSI for my motherboard it is - Update AMD ComboPI1.0.0.4 Patch B (SMU v46.54). Cheers!
  8. @JM2005- still a great time to buy. New stuff has released and other prices have dropped since your first post in July. * CPU - AMD Ryzen 2700x is $160 on Amazon right now (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07B428M7F), but the AMD Ryzen 3000 series has released and offers better per-core performance. Your old setup with a Xeon makes me think an AMD ThreadRipper would be more comparable, and I think the prices have been good with that, too. But that does add a premium price to the motherboard you choose to pair. * RAM - super cheap right now, shoot for 32 GB. Are you looking for ECC? That will be more, of course, but there are some good high-performance DDR4 deals, I use https://slickdeals.net/. * Motherboard - for the Ryzen, the x470 or newer x570 prices are looking good, you can find a lot of choices for MicroATX. If you can find a local Fry's or MicroPC, you can probabaly get a discount for a combo CPU+Mobo deal. * NVME drives keep dropping and would be great for your cache/VM/Docker storage needs, again I use https://slickdeals.net/
  9. From what I am seeing, the latest AGESA AMD BIOS version Patch B is working for some folks with ASUS PRIME X470 PRO. Read it on AMD support page https://community.amd.com/thread/241650 And if @whiskeykilo gets it working on the MSI B450 Gaming Pro AC, there may be good evidence on other platforms, too. I will try upgrading my BIOS with this latest version, maybe over this long weekend and get back.
  10. Late reply on this one, but I went with the super long Cat5e cable (for $17. Thank you, Amazon) for making the connection. Much easier, cheaper, and more reliable for 2 weeks of use.
  11. For the first time in 3 years of using Unraid I need to use wifi to connect my server to my router. I am relocating, staying in an AirBNB for 2 weeks and would need to run a 200ft cable across the house to make the connection. I bought a mobo with a wifi card a while back just in case I ran into this exact use case; however, I didn't know about the Unraid limitation. @johnnie.black - Thank you for the heads-up on this. I was searching around, worried that my motherboard wireless just wasn't supported by Linux-- its an MSI X470 Gaming M7 AC. However, sounds like from this that Unraid has no drivers or capabilities to support a wireless card. For morbid curiosity - if I did want to get dirty and install iwconfig, drivers, etc. to try to use bond0 with the wireless card... Would that even be an option? It would be less headache to just buy the 200ft ethernet cable and have it running down the stairs than to try that, I have a feeling. Thank you!
  12. Sounds like a pretty classic use case--and a good idea to have an off-site backup. I have been using Duplicati to do my backup to the cloud. You should be able to work it by hosting maybe an FTP server on both ends. It allows you to upload multiple chunks, do incremental backups, and encrypt so your buddy can't see your files. I use the Community App for it:
  13. Welcome! I do think Unraid is a great use case for you... @Bruce11 - Best advice is from @primeval_god below: Knowing basic Linux commands like ls, cd, cp, rm is super helpful. Know how to SSH into the server. And learn to use Docker. The Unraid Web GUI interface can do 90% of it without a problem, but you will eventually run into the need to do 10% using the terminal. And eventually you will likely want to do more through the terminal. @JustusAurelius - I have the AMD 2700x for my build, and I love it (you can read about my server on my blog). I think it pairs very well with Unraid. At this moment, though, you will get better bang for your buck with the newer 3000 line of processes. The 2700x gives you 8 cores (for 16 threads). For your use case, buy plenty of RAM, at least 32 GB, depending on the gameserver requirements. I use all of the examples you have above, and you should be able to run them just fine. My server runs 24x7, and I connect to it from external all the time via a VPN I set up. Example breakdown: * I use a Windows 10 VM on Unraid as my primary gaming machine, pass-through a Nvida 1070 graphics card. I dedicate 6 threads and 16 GB RAM here. * Game servers can be hosted on Docker using the Unraid App, or each their own Linux VM. Dedicate maybe 2 threads and maybe 2-4 GB RAM each (depending). * Nextcloud I have running in a Docker container and it takes up almost no CPU or RAM power. * NAS file share is a breeze, but this is the bread-and-butter of Unraid What do you think? Would love to hear how it goes!
  14. Thank you , @ZooMass and @qwijibo for trying that latest AGESA. It's disheartening it didn't work. It sounds like, though, from the post below that it might ALSO require an updated Linux kernel. I believe Unraid is working on this for the next version, but I am not sure when that will be released. @Leoyzen - When you upgraded the Linux Kernel for the fix, did you also have the latest AGESA BIOS for that x570? Quite a few people on this thread are battling with the issues.
  15. Along with what @boris said above... It looks like this issue has been fixed! Got this message from AMD Tech Support: I have no clue when it is going to roll out, or even what the heck a A1003 ABB version is, but it should be coming down the pipe sometime! Edit - * looks like it's already available for you ASUS folks! https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?112403-Agesa-1-0-0-3-abb * and you ASROCK folks - https://www.asrock.com/support/index.asp?cat=BIOS * and Gigabyte - https://hardforum.com/threads/agesa-1-0-0-3-abb.1984916/ * where is MSI?? Anyone willing to give it a shot and report back??