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  1. I have 2 drives in the array, that i want to move to one drive (2 x 1TB changed with 1 x 3TB) so i can do switching one 1TB by remove and rebuild, but with the second one i don't know. i see a plugin called unbalance with this, i think i understand, move files from one disk to another. is this a clue for my "problem" ? Thank You Cheers Christian p.s. unraid 6.18
  2. Thx it worked ... but is it really necessary to install another web server? is for the unraid gui already a server? but i works now, and really good compared with the builtin qemu stuff. Cheers
  3. Hi All i have a some basic questions regarding the plugin: do i need to install an additional web server and if not/yes where i need to copy the phpvbox stuff? i read the Wikis but i cannot find any clue for my problem.