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  1. That's just from your command - you should see that your array has now stopped.
  2. This is a bit crude - but i run this in terminal: ps -ef | grep /mnt/user for each pid that comes up, i do this: kill <pid> Someone can probably script a better way to do it and run at array stop, but for now that's what i've been doing.
  3. So even with this - Windows cannot seem to write to the share via SMB. Googled it, and seems like sharing an rclone vfs mount can work with some modifications. Don't know that I have the know how to do that. I'm grateful for your time - going through it like this with me. I may have to go back to merger fs.
  4. Thanks - I will try that. Didn't know it was possible. Incidentally, do you know where /mnt/disks/some_dir is physically located? like does it go on Cache drive? or is it in memory/ram?
  5. This might be a me thing - since I need the rclone mounts available to my Windows machines, I have it in /mnt/user . If I try to copy a file into unioned mount from inside of UnRaid via MC, it works exactly as you'd want... the file goes right to the local share. However, if I do the same from a windows machine - it fails. Interestingly this doesn't seem to be problem on an Android device (using SolidExplorer). Nor does it happen with the @DZMM mergerfs based scripts.
  6. So I'm having trouble creating files on the union location. It's strange because I if I go directly to the media_vfs mount, I can create files. But can't on the media one. I even tried installing the unassigned devices and updated the paths to /disks/ instead of /user/ .. What could I be doing wrong? Thanks for your time. Edit : this shows up on the script log: /test2.txt: WriteFileHandle: Can't open for write without O_TRUNC on existing file without --vfs-cache-mode >= writes /test2.txt: WriteFileHandle: Can't open for write without O_TRUNC on existing file without --vfs-cache-mode >= writes an rclone forum post said to set the cache mode ... but I see we are already doing that on the mount script. It seems to happen regardless of the :nc modifier.
  7. Thanks! where'd you get the info on what to put for the WSD options? Strangely my array was fine - but started doing this after I started using rclone - i thought it was related to my NIC. but seems to be OK when I use IP address.
  8. Thanks I noticed that - but don't really understand the difference. I thought perhaps you just typed it as an example of your script.
  9. sorry if this is a dumb question (maybe my imagination isn't working) ... but isn't that /media the mount where your union is? So would rclone know where the "local" version is? Or does it basically traverse the entire folder to see if there's differences between crypt:files and /mnt/user/media/files ?
  10. whoa - that's nice indeed. I like the service account rotation - but maybe not needed given my upload bandwidth is 40mbit anyway.
  11. Thanks - this does seem cleaner than the whole mergerFS route. I'm partially set up now. your setup does sound pretty clever. I can't be 100% cloud, as my internet is awful. So for now, I'm just putting the 4K stuff up there, and keeping lower quality locally. I created Unraid Shares, and then used the mount script you have, and it works. Do you have a different/modified upload script, or use the one from this thread?
  12. Thanks! Here's my union: [union] type = union upstreams = /mnt/user/Videos /mnt/user/media_vfs action_policy = ff create_policy = ff search_policy = all cache_time = 120 That one works OK. If it says /mnt/user/media_vfs:nc I don't see the cloud files. Okay - I am not using it with Dockers, my media import and presentation tools currently run on a VM. Thanks for your time!
  13. Thanks for typing this up @MowMdown with your limited time. I got it started, but have a couple of questions (for you or anyone else here). I don't have any unassigned disks, so I put mine in /mnt/user/media_vfs and /mnt/user/media. I can't seem to see it as a "share" in unraid. Is that why? If i go into MC, I see everything like I'd want to see it. And MC even recognizes the cloud file (it's in green). When I add that, I don't see the cloud files. I too want to avoid accidentally creating files there, because I'm guessing Emby/Plex would write unencrypted metadata, defeating the whole point of encrypting. Can you clarify a bit ? I'm not sure I understand where to do this. Thanks again!
  14. Yes Please! I had too many other things going on and am finally getting back into this thread... Almost feel like holding off again until this gets done, so that I don't have to go back and re-do it.
  15. Are you running it using the "Run Script in Background" option? If not, do it that way.