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  1. I tried that too. However, it doesn't give the error just clicking apply does nothing. Issue resolved, Thank you. I feel like an idiot LOL
  2. Hello community, I believe I've found a minor bug in the Dynamix WireGuard. The Local endpoint field doesn't allow certain domain names that are valid. For example the following FQDN will not work although it is valid: or any domain with a hexadecimal address in it. Please see screenshot attached. Thank you, Kevin
  3. Looks like my motherboard ASUS P8Z77-M are all connected via the Z77 chipset (figure 1). Is it possible altering USB BIOS settings could help? If so, which ones? If I were to go the path of getting a USB PCIe card which would you recommend for best compatibility with UnRAID? I've tested all 4 back USB 2.0 ports and they all seem to give crashes shown in the initial post. I've never had this issue in the past. I probably should note the only change I made before this issue occurred is that I re-flashed same BIOS via ASUS EZ-Flash tool in BIOS. Figure1:
  4. Thanks, I'll give this a shot. May take some time to get back to you because I have a few USB 2.0 ports.
  5. Hello, I'm experiencing a strange issue where the web GUI seem corrupted with a banner across the top saying: "System notifications are disabled..." So, I took a look at my syslog and I seem to be having a disconnect issue with the USB drive I presume. The only fix i've found is rebooting the server. However, it will happen again 2-3 days later. Thanks in advance, Kevin
  6. UPDATE: still crashes in safe mode.. Please help. Suggestions greatly appreciated. Same behavior -- numlock is lit up (can't toggle it as keyboard is frozen) and no access to server via ssh, telnet, ping, nor http/https while in this frozen state. -Kevin
  7. Unfortunately, I'm not using VMs. I was still getting these soft-locks with virtualization disabled in BIOS. However, there was a point in time which I was using VMs and passing hardware through. Just today, I noticed that my Syslinux configuration had hardware ids for passing through old Network cards and graphics cards of which are no longer in the server. I have removed those pcie ids boot flags. If I understand you correctly, you are saying that this could cause these soft-locks?
  8. Bump. I am 23 days stable *knock on wood* but only in safe mode with drives mounted and docker running. What else does safe mode disable besides plugins? Can I assume at this point it is a plugin issue? I've attached my stable logs here. Thanks, Kevin
  9. I thought it might be a SMART/HDD problem because I was receiving offline uncorrectable errors on two drives from unassigned devices. I have pulled those drives from sata and power and removed from chassis. However, freezing continues. I've also done a memtest from unraid boot. It passed 2 passes (not sure if thats enough). My next steps. Boot UnRAID in safe mode and test stability. Thanks, Kevin
  10. Thank you PeteB for the prompt reply. I've taken a look at your post and I am running the latest BIOS 2203 for P8Z77-M but there hasn't been an update since 2016 for the BIOS. Looking at some of the replies on your post i'm going to try the following and get back to you: 1. tail -f /var/log/syslog Thanks to glennv on your post. 2. Post a picture of console screen with tail command at hung state. I have same lockup behavior where it will freeze randomly between just a few hours and 11 days. I have the following plugins installed and up-to-date
  11. UPDATE: the cursor remains to flash but keyboard is frozen. I toggle caps lock and num-lock and the lights (caps and num) just stay as it was before freezing. Hello, I've attached my FCPsyslog_tail.txt & Please note that I am unable to capture a syslog before rebooting as no network connectivity and unable to type in console during hung state. I would take a picture when it's frozen but it's just a CLI login prompt with a frozen solid cursor (not flashing). Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you,
  12. Hello lime-tech community, I am unable to autostart a Windows 10 VM after turning the server on. Please note the following is 100% reproducible on my system. (5/5 trials) 1. Shut down the VM and host machine running unRAID 6.3.5. 2. unplug the power cable to all power supplies for 5 minutes 3. power button for a good 30 seconds. 4. press the power button to turn on unRAID and let it boot 5. Observe that the Windows 10 VM will freeze shown in attached picture "stuck-bootup.JPG" 6. Go to the webGUI of your unRAID Server and log in. 7. You are able t
  13. THANK YOU I solved this issue with exactly like you said C & P the XML and create a custom VM with that custom XML after doing a wipefs on all cache drives. Thanks again lime-tech community!
  14. Hello jonp, Thank you for the response. I have a couple of questions before I perform this wipefs command. Is there a way to perform a UUID backup of a VM? Since win10 activation seems to be linked to the UUID of the VM. I have backed up my vDisk.img of win10 w/ current active license. If so, which other files should I backup before wiping my cache pool clean? Is it possible to create a new VM w/ a previous UUID from before a cache pool wipe? Thank you, Kevin
  15. Description: rebooting a windows 10 VM causes the unraid host machine to 100% non accessible. Web GUI, SSH, FTP, SMB shares, console, you name it, all timed out. Settings that do NOT affect reproduction: running unraid in safe-mode and/or GUI. How to reproduce: create a windows 10 vm from template (see attached) using same Primary vDisk. Note: you will have an activation error now. disable windows sleep settings in the VM to prevent the VM from pausing. Leave the computer on for at least 24 hours at the windows 10 desktop (logged in) with the mouse