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  1. you could also just use native cron for duckdns and others like noip. Check the install page for duckdns. There is a simple example for "linux cron".
  2. i use an openvpn server on my router which runs the openwrt based firmware from gargoyle-router.com
  3. This seems to hint that BTRFS is not a great choice for VM images. https://btrfs.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Gotchas I've only ever used ext4 outside an array to host apps and VM images so I wouldn't know for sure.
  4. Just remove config.php and owncloud will present you with a setup screen as if you've installed from scratch.
  5. A bar chart is only going to be better if the data is inline though, I'll upload the proof of concept I just knocked up for the chart, see what people think as a quick indicator While I think it looks good and I admire the theme in general I still think bar charts are better suited for this sort of information if the goal is to show usage. It's "slower" to scan each pie individually than it would be with horizontal bars where you would quickly spot which disks have the most usage and/or free space. sda - serial - model - ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| sdb - serial - model - ||
  6. Shouldn't be an issue, can you post a screenshot just so I'm 100% sure what you mean and i'll mock something up? I'd actually quite like to have a preclear section as well, I have a few ideas how it might work that I need to play with @meep - Is it often that you need to compare data (genuine question)? It might make it a lot easier visually if I added a pie chart on each one showing space used. The reason I'm trying to avoid tables is they can be a real pain to handle nicely when making it responsive (so it looks good on a mobile/tablet etc) but if the pie chart doesn't work for yo
  7. Owncloud doesn't run it's own. It still needs a webserver to serve up the content. i.e. Apache, Lighttpd. See this link for more info and setting up a "LAMP" stack. https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Owncloud
  8. I've never had that problem but I'm going through an AVR if that makes any difference. I did have to add: <audio> <streamsilence>1</streamsilence> </audio> To advancedsettings.xml so that I don't get a 1-2 second break in audio after resuming from pause. But I doubt this has anything to do with what you've described.
  9. Maybe not what people want to hear but just don't use cache dirs. It's a great concept though after chasing my tail with oom's in the past I gave up and just reorganized my media and use disk shares for sources instead of one share for all video. Not one oom since. The whole point is to prevent spin ups. If you use direct disk paths in xbmc, you scan your paths individually as you add media. The only times xbmc will cause a spin up apart from actually watching something, is if you force a scan or didn't let it finish building all the artwork from a previous scan.
  10. I think given a certain combination of plugins and activity for your particular setup it may affect you.
  11. It's the System Stats plugin for SF and Dynamix. I've never had issues with /var/log filling up until enabling that plugin. I imagine you can direct logging for sa to go somewhere else or set it to roll over but I just haven't looked into it. ls -l /var/log/sa hmmm just checked mine again and it looks like it does roll over after sa31. Still might be worth looking into moving the logging to a different place...
  12. Brilliant! You made it a breeze to get all the essentials going. Small foot print, low CPU usage (have not tried Plex transcoding yet), and it just works! Thanks so much ironicbadger. You've saved those of us that want something up and running quickly (read impatient) a heap of time. All I have left is crashplan and I will be fully "converted" to 64 bit.
  13. Thank you Nars. I may be off base here but can we use the same procedure to compile a 64bit version of VirtualBox? With the latest 64bit beta of unraid I'd be willing to try my VM's on it using vbox 64bit. I know the push/interest regarding virtualization is to use the baked in options and that would certainly be my preference. I'm more just curious if it's doable should I want to run the beta for a while and keep vbox.