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  1. So long story short I disabled Telnet and the web UI stopped working. I need to find a way to re enable Telnet so I can use the web UI. I have access over SSH and can run commands that way. Alternatively I was just about to spin up a new box and didn't have anything configured yet (not even the drives), would it be easier to just do a registration key replacement request and just reinstall?
  2. So I looked and up to version 6 is around, but doesn't support XFS
  3. Ok, so I tried that, but it didn't work as the drive was formatted. So I have moved from fixing to recovery. My problem is that most recovery software is expensive, and I don't have much cash. Dose anybody know of cheap/free XFS format recovery software that is capable of recovering all file formats (but most importantly photos and video)?
  4. I am not 100% (not at home) but I think the drives would of been formatted NTFS as I was trying to clone a secondary Windows System drive (D:\) to them. Rereading that, if you are talking about originally I believe they were formatted with whatever the default is. I can't remember the default formatting and I am not at home to check.
  5. Ok, well I have access to another 1TB on my personal account because somebody shared a copy of Office 365 with me. 2TB is not terrible. I wasn't sure as on my personal account I can see something like 'You have used XXXGB of 1TB' but I don't see anything like that on my school onedrive account.
  6. Good to know. Anyway, turns out that my school is not part of the google drive program (we are part of the Microsoft mess :/) so I dont get unlimited google storage.
  7. Yeah, that would be awesome (and I do have a .edu email (in class now :P)) but I only have a 10Mbps upload (only recently upped from 5Mbps) I need to move on campus next semester, a shared house is nice, but I think a gigabit/gigabit connection that is normally around 600X700 useable is worth more to me. I was at a 24 hour LAN party on campus and in about 18 hours I uploaded over 500GB to onedrive.
  8. Yes, I really do understand that now. I've been meaning to get a 8TB external HDD to just clone the NAS too (not as capable, but still a layer of backup) but I hadn't done that yet
  9. I know that you can mount the drives to a linux system and just pull files from the drives, is that only possible with the array drives, or if I connected the paraty drive could I pull more files from that? I just really want to recover as much as I can. While a lot of what was lost was stuff I can recover (eg backups and *cough* leagle videos), a lot of it was photos and videos I took and files that I have collected and created over the years that I can't recover.
  10. Yeah that is basically what happened. I was hoping there may be a way to rebuild the file system, but was doubtful
  11. Hey guys, long story short I accidentally formatted 2 of the drives in my UnRAID array with only a single paraty drive. Short story long I had a system with a 3TB paraty drive, 3X2TB array drives, and one more 500GB array drive. I needed a 2TB drive for another system, so I bought a 4TB drive, swapped it with the paraty drive. At this point I had a 4TB paraty drive, 3X2TB array drives, and one more 500GB array drive. I then pulled out a 2TB drive and replaced it with the 3TB drive and threw the 2TB drive in another computer to clone another drive to it using Clonezilla. Before the clone even started it failed (because of something with the source disk) at that point UnRAID had booted up, and I realised I didn't pull the drive I was meaning too. So at that point I put the drive back in the system and pulled another 2TB drive. I set it in the system, but didn't clone it yet. I went into UnRAID and checked that the 2TB drive was all good even after being in a clonezilla box, it showed green so I assumed it was good and started the other drive cloning. I then went back to the UnRAID system and tried to start the array. Like expected it needed to rebuild the array on the 3TB drive, but it didn't recognise the 2TB drive as being part of the RAID. At that point I realised that the drive had been formatted, and UnRAID was only showing green because the serial number mached, not because it had the files on it. At that point I stopped UnRAID from cloning , at that point it had only written a few bytes so the drive is mostly untouched. So I have the 4TB paraty drive, ONE 2TB array drive, and one 500GB array drive that is still part of the array, with 2X2TB drives now not part of the array, along with the old 3TB paraty drive. With that I have access to 2.5TB of my 6.5TB array. A lot of what I lost was system backups and that is not a big deal, but I also lost a lot of files. Is there any way to rebuild the file tables on the drives to recover the full array? I know I can run format recovery software, but that (from my experience) will recover the files, but dump them all in the same folder without names (possibly separated by their file extensions). Please tell me there is a way to recover from this and I didnt **** myself!!
  12. I have not yet. I updated to 6.3 stable, but then had to leave right after. I will attempt when O get back. I would prefer not to use a beta OS on this system
  13. How did you go about doing that? What OS did you use?
  14. Hi guys. I am trying to connect my Unraid Pro 6.2.4 box to my Windows Server 2016 Standard box so that I can control file permissions etc. I have been able to go to settings->SMB Shares and set it to enabled (domain) but the issue I have is that the Windows Server is a VM in the UnRAID box and when I try to connect (login) to the domain all of the VM's are shut down, thus turning off the DC and making it inaccessible and unable to login to. Is there any way to have UnRAID login to a domain without shutting down the VM's or some other bypass??
  15. Ok that took care of it. Thanks! I thought it would be something like that, but I thought I would ask and wait for a few minutes before I started flipping switches.