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  1. Well I guess this settles it quite well. Thanks @JorgeB Are there any gimmics or tricks I should know? Since this is not a raid card, I should see drives just as they were connected to mobo, correct? This said 9300 should work with Windows 10 as well, if I decide not to go unraid I guess.
  2. Hello mates I have previously played around with Unraid on 2players 1PC -style setup. I have been running bare metal for a while, since things went sideways with previous player two. I have been thinking new Unraid for a while, but now I managed to snag some SAS SSDs, 3.84TB for ~50$ each, total of 8 drives. Mentioned here are couple of SAS controllers recommended. Does anyone happen to have personal experience with LSI 9300-8i for example? Do they work plug and play in unraid?
  3. Zenith II has only 8 phase as well. Doublers don't equal phases. Zenith Extreme Alpha, released January, has 16 phases. Other Asus boards run 8. Aorus Xtreme and Gigabyte Designare are solid, without ROG tax and run 16 phases, come with pcie 4.0 NVME addon card (4 nvme drives). Designare comes with TB card too.
  4. I ordered TRX40 Designare myself. Build quality excels with Xtreme, but I find no interest to all bling Xtreme comes with. Should it arrive next week, I transfer my system from X399 to TRX asap.
  5. Running TR myself with Radeon VII (x2) it would be nice indeed that these bugs are fixed RVII is passed trough nicely for both VM, but to restart VM I have to restart whole system since GPU goes to sleep (or something) when I shut the VM.
  6. So. Long story short: I have FusionIO drive which requires driver to be recognized. It works in windows environment with said driver. No problem. Now, is there a way to pass it to VM even it is not recognized by unraid?
  7. I definetly will wait. This was victory already.
  8. Legacy. I was fiddling around with files and used EFI- folder name as it now seems to come. I tried forcing uefi too. Didn't even boot. Sadly no. That still persists but I can live with that now I got system even partially running so I can set my Steam lib gaming rig for GF while I run some Apex. Kernel patch should fix this, you say? Today I try to combat those audio bugs and later I'll set up couple USB hubs for easier device access and switch.
  9. Okay so. As I was giving up, I did it. Newest drivers 19.7.1 works, both cards passed trough on their own VMs. I played around again with different combinations and way too little sleep, too many hours in this forum and then I found this one below: Modifying this for my system, using correct identifier for my first Radeon VII, I managed to put it trough. With OVMF and Q35 3.1 I succesfully installed current AMD drivers. Just Display and audio, no radeon software yet. Wanted to play safe first. I have minor audio issues, but I guess I am past worst problems. I hope. Thanks @bastlanyway for replying, and thanks @Siwat2545 where ever you are In to the new misadventures!
  10. System specs here: X399 Zenith Extreme Alpha with 2950X 64GB Ram 2x Radeon VII 950 Pro 512GB as cache 2x 1TB 860 Evos as array (parity+disk1) There are two issues I have encountered: 1) primary GPU, when passed trough for VM, has black screen. If I launch system with VNC, it boots and goes to Win10 install. With RVII system goes black. With Seabios I get few lines fo text and then black screen. 2) other VM with second RVII goes well and Win10 install has no issues. When I try to install AMD driver package, everything crashes. Any ideas? I am new to linux environment and Unraid so please be kind : ) What ever I could provide to help, let me know. Thanks
  11. If RAM is found on this list, it is Bdie and suitable for Ryzen/TR:
  12. I have 4x16GB Gskills coming along. Those are verified Bdie so there should be no issue to run with the 'The Stilt profile', which seems to be best non extreme OC and should be stable with all 2gen Ryzen.
  13. This is very good to hear. I was going to abandon my plan with 2990X for dual 16core system, but I trust it's doable now then. Just have to wait good, solid mobo to handle all the tasks I need to.
  14. Okay. So. I am planning to invest for Samsung 950 PRO m.2 SSD, which I must use with adapter in pcie slot. Would it be possible to passtrough it and boot that same installed Windows in virtual machine as I plan to keep "normal boot" too.