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  1. You are on a very very old version of Ombi. please update
  2. Actually the GitHub is https://GitHub.com/ombi-app/ombi you can also find all of the links on the ombi settings page
  3. I was just stating that there was an issue yesterday. If anyone is still having issues I'd encourage them to reach out on GitHub or discord. I do recall there were issues a few months ago, but they have all now been resolved.
  4. Yesterday Plex where having issues with their authentication service where no one could login
  5. Radarr removed the legacy APIs. It's been fixed in ombi develop
  6. It's possible you are hitting sqlite database locks. Reach out on discord and we can assist in working out what's going on
  7. That 'asshole' would be me. Please keep in mind that I have a full time demanding job, a child, a 10 month old and a wife outside of what I do in ombi. All of my free time is pretty much dedicated to working on the product. V4 was released as it's more stable than v3 and I needed to release.it at some point or I never would have. If you are not happy with it then I suggest your stick to v3 and if you want the voting feature ported faster, then you submit a PR or be able to contribute in some other way.
  8. V3 is still usable. I'll be merging down once I have finished a few things off
  9. One thing I really like is how easy and simple it is to configure new docker containers. Removes the need to understand how docker really works. But then had the flexibility to go more advanced. One thing I'd like to see in the future is the ability to run something like kubernetes
  10. Once the missing column is present in the database everything should be fine.
  11. Yeah this is my fault, I messed up the migrations side of things when adding support for other databases and it's very difficult to fix. You could just delete the OmbiExternal.db and then restart Ombi, that would also fix the issue.
  12. This is coming from sonarr, you need to setup your root folders correctly in sonarr.
  13. Logout and clear cache. What happens then?
  14. Hi Tim, if the reset password is taking you to the plex site that means that the account you are attempting to log in with is a Plex account and not a local ombi account.