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  1. Replacing beer with tea doesn't seem to negatively impact the upgrade process
  2. It's hard to be anything but anecdotal in this regard, and I can appreciate that it's difficult to guage where it lies between "it'd be nice to have" and "I can't operate without this" for all users. To elaborate and provide context for my own needs - I have a Virgin Media SuperHub 3 that was provided by my ISP, which is the standard model given out to new customers, as well as free of charge to existing customers that either ask for one, or opt into packages above 240Mbps, as their previous generation can't handle more than that. Currently, it's possible to get the firmware rolled
  3. In my case, the router that I have doesn't support port forwarding by default since it's all about IPv6 - I have to get my ISP to roll back the firmware to a previous version which exclusively supports IPv4 each time it updates
  4. Adding my +1, the router provided by my ISP doesn't support IPV4 forwarding, and I've got a hunch this is only going to become more and more common as time goes on