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  1. I am hoping someone can help, and I am admittedly not very conversant in using unRAID. I set it up years ago, and it has been working flawlessly since. Obviously a great testimonial to its capability! But now I am getting what is likely a simple error via the Fix Common Problems plugin. Please see the message below, and advise "as if I were 5 years old" (as Michael Scott said in The Office). Thanks in advance, John The following user shares will be excluded from the permissions tests: /mnt/user/appdata Processing /mnt/user/Backups Processing /mnt/user/docker
  2. This is precisely what I am doing. I recently subscribed to the Office 365 family plan (I needed to upgrade from Office 2011 for Mac anyhow). I set up each family member (3 of us) with a MS account, and each person now has 1TB of OneDrive space (as well as the latest Office version). I then installed Duplicati on each of our 3 computers, each backing up to a personal OneDrive location. I then created a generic MS account for my unRAID server. I set up the Duplicati docker, and used that generic login to use its OneDrive destination. More-or-less, I am sending my pho
  3. I am certainly no IT expert, so I want to handle as simply as possible. And with as few "extras" as possible.
  4. Interesting. I am using a Mac, so maybe it is different. Within Duplicati, I am able to select "Local folder or drive" and then select the volume and share in the "Folder Path" box. I have been testing it, and it does work. Although, maybe the FTP method is a better one?
  5. Thanks a ton, Ambrotos. It certainly sounds like you and I are on the same page. And I agree that using the offsite sources to restore would only be needed in the most extreme situations, in which case I'd likely have a lot of other pressing issues on my mind! I do have a question for you. You said "So I installed Duplicati on each of my family's 4 PC's which back up to a "PC-Backups" share on unRAID via FTP (making use of SlrG's ProFTPd plugin)". Why did you do that as opposed to just backing up using Duplicati's default "Local Drive" option? As for Backblaze B2,
  6. I need to come up with an alternative to CrashPlan ASAP as my contract expires later this month. I am not going to continue with their business plan. I've decided to use Duplicati and I believe that I've narrowed my options to 2 alternatives, and I was hoping from input from those here. In terms of background: I have 3 Mac laptops and 1 unRAID server. Virtually all of the laptop data is recoverable in the event of an issue. Each laptop is backed up locally to a Time Capsule, and even if those backups are compromised, nearly all data/files are kept within cloud-based emai
  7. Thanks a ton for confirming. I checked the Plex DVR forum and there supposedly is a new version. But, when I look at the version number it is the same as the old one. I wonder if someone made a mistake in reporting the new version ID.
  8. Yes, I see that same error "ERROR: cannot verify downloads.plex.tv's certificate, issued by 'CN=DigiCert SHA2 Secure Server CA,O=DigiCert Inc,C=US':" I suppose this means that there is a wider problem and it is not just my side?
  9. Right...I just intended to say that there was "something" that happened between the time everything worked until now. I did not want to sound as though "nothing changed". I've PM'd the info you requested. Thanks for the support!
  10. Yes. The Version field is set to the Plex Pass Beta version (which I don't want to post here as it is discouraged). That field has not been touched since the last version change I made, by memory maybe about 8 weeks ago. It has been working for me since that last version change. I recorded and watched a DVR video on Wednesday, so this issue has presented itself sometime between ~10pm Wed and ~5pm today when I noticed that the DVR functionality was missing in the Plex client. I then looked at the Plex Server settings and found that I am somehow on I believe, but am
  11. I just noticed that the Plex DVR capability has disappeared. I have Plex Pass, and had edited the version to pull the Plex DVR Beta version, and everything was fine up until Wednesday night (I recall Wed as I recorded and watched a show that evening). Now, my server version is, and I cannot seem to run the lower Beta version (I don't want to post the Plex Pass Beta version here). Any ideas? Thanks!
  12. Is it possible to access some of the dockers I am running on my unRAID server from outside of my home network (PlexPy, Deluge)? And if so, how? Is it advisable to do so? Thanks!
  13. Hoping someone can help... I cannot connect at all. I installed using the default settings and when I try to access via VNC using the port 5900 I receive a connection dialog box, then a request for a password, but nothing thereafter. Thanks, John
  14. No, container updates for plex are triggered because we updated something in the container (may not be significant as builds are triggered automatically each time there is a github PR merged), you set the version yourself in the template and this will not be affected by the container update. Thanks