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  1. unionfs -o cow,allow_other,direct_io,auto_cache,sync_read /mnt/user/rclone_upload/google_vfs=RW:/mnt/user/mount_rclone/google_vfs=RO /mnt/user/mount_unionfs/google_vfs Pretty sure i've set it up correctly? I was expecting it to be instant but when using krusader it was slow to copy to the unionfs folder.
  2. Thanks for the guide, seem to have got everything working. When I try to move a file straight to the rclone_upload folder for upload, it moves instantly, but when I move a file into the mount_unionfs, it takes a couple of minutes for a 10GB movie. Why is this and how can I speed it up? Any ideas?
  3. Hi there! I did get it working - been running it continuously since building. But I haven't managed to get the auto usb booting on the mobo to work. I have tried EVERY bios setting and no luck. Not a big issue for me but it would be nice to fix...
  4. I ended up making a full backup of all of my config files and then flesh installing Unraid...
  5. Most of the newer plugins need a more recent version of NodeJS. It would be nice if the version with the docker was updated?
  6. Hi I keep getting this error when I try and start the server: Options error: --explicit-exit-notify can only be used with --proto udp Use --help for more information. I have the server set to TCP Port 443 so I can access it from a restricted network. It used to work then I reinstalled Unraid and my configuration no longer functions. I temporarily removed the line from the config file, will this be permanent? Any ideas for a permanent solution?
  7. I found that too looking on stack, I ran the commands suggested to check the number of processes and threads being used and was at 15% of the maximum
  8. So after downgrading to 6.4.1 from 6.5.0 the server VMs no longer crashes and the gui stays accessible but I still receive the error emails (sorry for not attaching it in full the first time I have now below.) Also some sections of the gui remain non-functional such as the plugins page and diagnostics. Under the shares tab it shows a couple errors too - I have attached a screenshot. I tried running diagnostics from Putty - the console outputted the same errors as in the email and I have attached the zip file it created. Every time I run a command it outputs this: -bash: fork: retry: Resource temporarily unavailable tower-diagnostics-20180324-1827.zip
  9. Ah crap sorry - when the system does this it completely freezes up and the gui is unresponsive so I can’t get a diagnostics
  10. After a couple days the issue has resurfaced! I got an email saying parity check had finished then within a couple minutes the server started spewing out emails again and now the docker tab has disappeared (dockers are still running). I believe I am having some sort of issue with 6.5.0 as when I downgrade to 6.4.1 everything is fine? tower-diagnostics-20180323-0757.zip
  11. I found downgrading, removing buttons, and then upgrading seemed to fix it. Just in-case I have attached my diagnostics. tower-diagnostics-20180321-2338.zip
  12. side note: I cant uninstall plugins! or update them. It says successful but reloads and doesnt change
  13. I was connected to it by local terminal, ran shutdown and it completely froze with no response at all Great, should have checked that my fault - anything else in the diagnostics or was it a 'blip' as it were? Thank you so much
  14. Had to force powerdown the server and I have now rebooted it - everything appears alright but I would like to get to the root of what actually happened and if it is still an issue tower-diagnostics-20180321-2303.zip
  15. I can’t currently access them from the webgui. Server has completely crashed just trying to power it down cleanly if possible then I will post them after reboot if possible